Could Licensing Issues Close Down A Popular Pro-Wrestling Spoof?

In Seattle recently a banana filed a complaint against an improvisation group as violating local licensing law. No kidding.

Article – Licensing Occupations; Ensuring Quality or Restricting Competition, By Morris Kleiner

Morris Kleiner, a University of Minnesot professor and expert on Toccupational licensing has publish a thourough study on this issue.  This will debunb the myths about consumer protection.

Hilarious Video – Interior Design Licensing

Reason TV offers an hilarious but sadly true video on Florida’s licensing of interior designers.  A short must-watch.

Even Yoga Studios Must Be Licensed!

It’s come to this.  As reported in the front page of the New York Times, even yoga studios, the classic small neighborhood business, must be licensed.  When will it stop?

Minnesota Taxi Drivers Win Big

The Institute for Justice’s victory for Minneapolis taxi drivers was highlighted on Minnesota Public Radio.

Licensing In California

For the wastefullness of licensing in California, See ”Eliminating California State Licensing Boards Would Save Funds, Aid Consumers“, by Shirley Svorny