Why? - Dr. Bill Wolfe, Dentist of Albuquerque

Beverly from Chicago 0:00 Hello, everyone.

Clint Griess 0:01 Welcome to the June 2016, International fluoride free teleconference entitled Why. And I'll be your host, Clint Griess. For the next two hours, where together, we will all share our motivations for why we all want to end artificial water fluoridation. I'm so happy to be together with all of you again today. This is my favorite day of the month, and you are my favorite people to hang out with. So today's gonna be very personal. We're going to hear a lot, a lot of your voices today. And I really look forward to spending time with you getting to know you all a little bit better. And really motivating each other inspiring each other. So folks are still dialing in, still getting on the call. It's great. We have people calling from all over the place in Florida, Nashville, Anchorage, Tennessee, Boston, California, Seattle. And yeah, people are still still dialing in this month teleconferences dedicated to you. Know, we are a very diverse group of people, literally from all walks of life, every age group, every political persuasion, just any kind of variable you can think of. It's really astonishing how this one issue of ending artificial water fluoridation is bringing such a diverse group of people together. So we do come together every month, the second Saturday of every month, which is Down Under in Australia, New Zealand, it's Sunday morning. But we're here really, to share our experience, to share our information to share strategies, really just to share everything we can with one another to support each other in our own local, regional, state, provincial, and even national campaigns. You know, when one of us wins, when there's victory in one area of the world, it's a victory for all of us. And even if a campaign doesn't succeed, there's still so much to learn from it. So that's why we have these teleconferences every month, so that we can all have an opportunity to dip back in to, to a group of people. We all know we all share the same common goal to end artificial water fluoridation. Now the thing is, we are as a group, we're getting better to that's the other good news. We are getting better at campaigning, we're getting better at navigating this treacherous territory. And we're having some success. But really, it's really important that we always remember why we're doing it. What is our motivation? Because it can get tough sometimes. And it can get frustrating sometimes. And it's really important to always come back to the original reason why, and even new reasons why as as in my case, my personal case have started out because I cared about people's health and well being. And I also cared very much about personal choice. But now I have an additional reason after being in this battle for some time now. It's to me now a battle of just plain rationality, and sanity. So I feel like I'm fighting for sanity as much as anything else. Well, we're gonna hear a lot of your voices today. And we have a special guest to kick us off well, as well. Someone who's going to talk about a recent victory in Albuquerque, Dr. Bill Wolf is with us. And he's going to tell us not only how they did, but really again, what motivates a dentist to stick his neck out and take the time and the trouble to end artificial water fluoridation in his community. So we're going to hear his motivations as well. He'll get us kicked off and then from there, we're going to basically hear from you. I'm gonna ask you to chime in and tell your personal story. You're gonna be surprised about the kind of the various kinds of motivations that you'll find are among us here. So thanks again for everyone showing up it's your participation on these live events which are always free.

It's really you being here that makes them a success. And of course the every teleconference is recorded so you can listen later. And the people who for one reason or another couldn't make it today are also able to listen, you can get access to all the recordings of the International fluoride free teleconference library, which is at international fluoride free teleconference.org. And I'm now posting a link to that site, on the Facebook page for today's event. So you can go there and link on it immediately if you like. If you haven't already got a membership or registration at the library, click on there. And you can either have a plane membership, which has some select material, or you can have total access to all the recordings streaming or downloaded for donation of $10 for the year, for an entire year. Okay, so again, people are still showing up. And the theme today is why, what is your reason why it's a fun, it's a lot of trouble. It's a lot of work, trying to end artificial water fluoridation and you have so many other agendas to deal with, you have many other priorities to focus on in your life. So why in the world would anybody take their time to make a make any water fluoridation a priority? Well, the people on this call each and every one of you, you have your reasons, and I want to hear all about them today. So I mentioned the Facebook page, I want you all to know that you can go to the event page for today's face, excuse me today's teleconference. So you just type in International Forestry teleconference in the search field. And then once you get to the International Forestry teleconference page, you'll find the Event tab and you click on the Event tab, which will take you to today's events. You can also click on the first post on that homepage of International Forestry teleconference on Facebook. And the under the discussion section you can type yourself anything you want, you can engage with folks today. While we're having the conversation online, you can also have side conversations with people by posting different information maybe you want to share some links. A woman very awesome activist up in Peel Region of Ontario, Canada named Lisa chi and chino. She's can't make his day but she asked me to post a video interview that a local TV station did for her and she goes into her personal motivations there that's on the event page for today's teleconference. So here we go. Let's get started with Dr. Bill wolf of Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's going to share with us his personal motivations and the recent victory that has spared a town of half a million people from the scourge of artificial water fluoridation. Dr. Wolf is a practicing dentist, holistic, natural dentist in Albuquerque. Say hello to everyone. Dr. Bill Wolf.

Dr. Bill Wolf 8:41 Hello, class. Hi, everybody. I'm glad to be here today.

Clint Griess 8:45 Yes, thank you. So great to have met you this week. And you put together a webpage as well, that has links to all the information that you'll be talking about today. And some real handy stuff that other folks could use in their, in their campaigns as well. That links that link can be found website

James Robert Deal 9:05 page.

Dr. Bill Wolf 9:08 So if you have that on your Facebook page, I also have it on my website, which is www. Dr. wolf.com. Just Dr. That'd be Oh lsp.com Just put just a link that says fluoride info. And all the emails and I sent to the Water Authority Board article I've written just what's happened recently are reproduced there for you to see, because I think I've approached this dilemma in a little different way than I had before. And I believe it was effective. Well, obviously was effective. After tell you why it was affected by Billy. And let me go back a little bit. It's not only why or how but when. Back in the 70s I was a routine dentistry like every other 50% of the dentists in the US can still place mercury fillings only I got, I had a tumor and I was very ill. And after my tumor surgery, I found out I was very Mercury toxic. And I went to a gentleman, Dr. Hal Huggins, perhaps some of you heard Dr. Halligan switch paths now. He was in Colorado Springs, and went to a balancing body chemistry course there, I wanted to learn more about how I cannot have a tumor again. And while I was there, he and a representative from OSHA, and he had a mercury vapor tester device that's used in industry to test industrial facilities for Mercury leakages, I held my hands up to that mercury vapor test, and I had mercury vapor coming out of my skin that was higher than threshold limit value of what they would find you for, if they walked into your plant could find your $10,000 if you had more than 50 micrograms per cubic meter, I had that much coming out of my hands that have been three days since I've been in office. So to me about five seconds to become a mercury free Dennis, I didn't really know what to do about that back in the 70s. It's only one of the dentists I could talk to about it in the country. But it did change my beliefs. You know, people don't change their beliefs because they're comfortable. And some of us have to get really uncomfortable to change our beliefs. I felt like if that's not true, America fillings are safe, because your silver amalgam fillings are really 50% Mercury. And I've been taught all through school, dental school that these were safe restorations to put in the mouth, but you have to vaporize. I knew that Mercury was an environmental poison more toxic than lead or arsenic. Yet, for some reason it was safe in the mouth never made sense that this proves that it really was nonsensical. So put me on a different path, a path of exploration to find out well, if that's not true, what else isn't true. And so I started going to alternative conferences. Actually, a few of the dentists and myself started an organization in the country. It was called at the time Academy of biological dentistry. It's now called the International Academy of biological dentistry and medicine. Do you have that information on that fluoride information because there are three dental groups in this country with more than that, but these are the three main things that oppose water fluoridation, and that group is one of them. This group, we sponsored German dentists to come over and speak to us in this country and this was back in about 8384 and I started learning about homeopathy. I started learning about all of these things I've never heard of before we certainly heard about anything like this in dental school. acupuncture meridians, wow. You mean acupuncture meridians run through the head to and teeth, meridians energy systems. My cadaver, didn't have acupuncture meridians. It was all new information. And the Germans were talking about fluoride, and how bad it was for you. And so my whole world was wrong. I mean, Dante's root canals or cadavers in the mouth, maybe you're not good for your health. So it sent me on a path of exploration that just started going down this road of investigation, and the more I learned, the more I realized I didn't know.

So I stopped doing any floor and I never was really into fluoride treatments. But I really started rejecting routine dentistry because I want to investigating and conclude for myself about everything that I was doing. We started doing biocompatibility tests in dental materials, etc. And I found out there is no biocompatible compatibility testing of dental materials by the American Dental Association or the FDA to come to the marketplace. So all these things are assumed that our parent organizations were taking care of us weren't really taking care of us they were taking care of themselves. As far as the fluoride goes, I started developing products in the early 80s, a professor of mine at Baylor College of Dentistry, and I developed an aloe vera stabilization formula, developed my own toothpaste. And I asked how much of the media the American Dental Association in Chicago, they have a sticker on the side of most toothpaste so it's called the accepted by the council and dental therapeutics and I thought, well gee, that'd be really neat. Toothpaste. And I asked them about it. They said, No, you can't have that unless you have fluoride in the toothpaste. I won't have fluoride in toothpaste especially when you can't have or are symbol. And so I realized how political this whole thing was. So to this day, I still have to face that I make, have no fluoride in them and have many, many, many patients that are very anti fluoride. And we get along fine. And we use a toothbrush and floss and aloe vera. And my patient population has no real problems with the K. So I wasn't really in the foreground of the whole floor eye movement until recently, when another local doctor here Dr. Brian slams, an acupuncturist told me that there was a Florida agenda coming up in 2014. And without come say something as a dentist that was anti fluoride? Well, certainly I'll be happy to. And I went to a couple of the water meetings and found out that was a very political situation, and that they had heard all of them negative health effects, and certainly this side has, what they feel as positive information to support fluoridation. This side is very anti fluoridation. And it's just like Dr. David Kennedy says He Said, She Said, and you know, these people aren't scientists, they really, it goes over their head, they don't know what they're hearing. And actually, sometimes it's demeaning to them because we're not speaking their language. Now, what changed my position on this, instead of trying to point out to the waterboard the negative effects of fluoride, I had launched Jeff Green, who has not passed. And I'm sure a lot of you know who Jeff Green was. And Dr. David Kennedy, who I consider real heroes at Florida, anti Florida. In this country, he retired dentist in San Diego. And I went to lunch one day, and Jeff told me, he said, Bill, here's how you need to approach it. You need to approach this where politicians live, they live in a world of responsibility, or rather avoiding responsibility, and liability. And he told me what he felt I should do. In between the 2014 meeting and the meeting that we had on May 18. There's basically the same approach. He told me and I'll recount this to you. And all this is listed on our website and the floor and information. He said, the thing to do is tell the waterboard. They want they need to get certification from the fluoride additive manufacturer as to the safety and effectiveness of adding fluoride to the water supply. Now, that's not gonna happen. Without such evidence, the liability insurance of Albuquerque is going to want to know who is the responsible party, and I looked at each one of us to shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot.

Because it is the duty of the waterboard to protect and inform the public and raise and represent the will of the people. So in doing this, what you're asking them to do, instead of being on a defensive, anti fluoridation posture, you are being empowered. I'm saying prove it to me, prove to me, either your manufacturer or you the board, this is safe and effective. So I wrote an article about this. And you can I just told you went a little further. In 2014. What they did, they stole the vote. They said in the CDC was going to come up with a new recommendation, and we're going to wait on that. So I felt like well, we dodged the bullet for 2014. Well, sure enough, CDC did come out with a point of sale report per million last year. And there was another resolution that came up here a few months ago about putting $250,000 into the water budget for water fluoridation. So I found out about this, and I went to another meeting. and remind them when I told them the previous meeting and ask them, do they know who their flooring manufacturer was to be? And they told me it wasn't a question and answer session. And I said, Well, do you know that? And they said, Yes. So I went to talk to the meeting and talk to one of them and said, Well, we haven't picked out one yet. And I said, Well, assuming that you do vote yes. How are you going to find out this is the lowest bid. So Well, that's the exit later. Pick out a toy manufacturer for 500,000 people, especially if you can't prove it safe and effective. And I started looking at the next level of my approach, which was to demonstrate, not the ill health effects are being an anti physician. But just to demonstrate that, for instance, lecture on MSDS sheet, material safety data, supplement that all materials that affect the human body in or on top of or inside the human body need to have every dental material I have every product needs to have an MSDS sheet. And so I started looking up MSDS sheets for for products that have for salicylic acid. And I have a MSDS sheet there on the website, you can hopefully see it as 25 to 30%. But if it's only 25 to 30%, what else is in there, I found a study that a quantitative analysis was done on this particular product years ago, and this is back in April 2014. And this journal is the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. And what they did, they studied all the other ingredients, the mental contents of the raw offline products, and they describe the methods here. And we found that the products and all of the products and arsenic, lead, barium and aluminum, arsenic, lead, barium and aluminum. And the conclusion of the study was such contaminant content creates a regulatory blind spot that jeopardizes any safe use of fluoride additives. So I presented that to the Water Board also presented a study in the Journal of neurotoxicity from 2007. A research article, depending on the current row, software floors, folic acid was added to the water that at least out LED. A research article found that HSF was added with lead concentrations were four and a half times higher than was just the chlorine disaffected alone, with lead concentrations increasing with time. So what they did in this study was they measured the lead coming through the pipe, they added the chlorine amine with ammonia disinfectants, and then measure the lead in the water.

And then the Add of the fluoride. And the amount of lead that came out was four and a half times higher. So this is something that we need to really be aware of when we present our findings is not talking about whether fluoride leeches calcium causes osteoporosis or thyroid problems or cancer, whatever. You need to talk about the reality of the situation of responsibility, because in view of what happened in Flint, Michigan, this is extremely relevant. And I'm sure the governor of Flint, Michigan, out of Michigan certainly wishes he had maybe researched the situation a little bit better before he made his decisions to change the water source. There's another study that is particularly relevant. The American Journal of Public Health 1984 You had this tendency on the website. A research article revealed that skin absorption of contaminants in drinking water has been underestimated and the ingestion may not constitute the sole or even primary route of exposure. Therefore, everyone is exposed to the city's water fluoridation, whether they are drinking filtered, fluoride free water or not. I was told me while I drink bottled water? The answer is do you take baths? Do you do take showers? Do you ever go out to eat, and they're cooking and flood, water, you're bathing. And the skin is our largest organ and a very high percentage of absorption of toxins. So this article is very important. Also talked last Hooke who's the city public works director for the city of Buffalo, Wyoming. He said that most water schools that he attends, they avoid and in fluoride to the water because it opens the door to potential lawsuits for mass dosing of society with something half the population doesn't want. I also gave you his email address, and his phone numbers too. He was very approachable. And I'm sure that if you call them he'd be happy to talk with you. When we got to the end of the meeting, I concluded that if Dennis feel that teeth need to be treated with fluoride, and then need to apply fluoride directly on the teeth, and not have foreign added power of water so that all of us will be medicated. There are of course, other dentists there that took their usual routine position. But it's not a scientific position. And we can talk about lack of research we can talk about Floyd is an unapproved drug that has never been FDA approved. It's not even a nutrient. The drugs are drugs, because they are intended for the use, and diagnosis, cure mitigation treatment and prevention of disease in humans. And they're prescribing fluoride for a specific pathological condition on the mouth called tooth decay. That's the definition prescription of a drug. And it's an approved drug prescribed by non medical practitioners. So out there, the FDA will not approve it. And when in fact, recently, the FDA, as announced that marketing fluoride drops and tablets for cavity prevention violates federal law, because FDA has never approved these products as either safe or effective. And that was just January this year. So right now, the way that we stand in Albuquerque is that the vote was four to two two voted for fluoridation and for against really one of those four was ambivalent, and felt like it should be something that I had already previously suggested a public vote. And I said, Why do you six people get to decide the fate of 500,000 people, whether I have to be medicated or not. And so he said, Well, maybe this needs to be a public vote. So he abstained and did not vote for approval of the budget of the $250,000. I feel where we are now is that, as David Kennedy says, they'll be back. And I feel the next time they come back, it will be a public vote. And it will be a matter of more education for people and not just putting articles in the newspaper, as a magazine like myself. I certainly did this on my own without any committee, I just

felt like there's a thing to do. However, if this goes to a public vote, this is going to step it up to a point that there needs to be better education of people that really either are anti, or excuse me floor pro fluoride, or don't know, don't care. And the anti fluoride people as us are really the minority. So it's something that we always need to be prepared for that. Because just the waterboard not taking the responsibility, and I made that decision. Yes, that's a real when I feel like there was a service down for the people of Albuquerque yet. I feel that the energy for this whatever the powers that be that are pushing this is still around, and they really all need to be prepared for another onslaught. Turn, are there any questions and certainly

Clint Griess 29:44 thank you. Yeah. Thanks so much for the report. Yeah, definitely. I'm definitely getting your motivations. It's, it's just really incredible to have. Have you so clearly motivated on so many levels? There's scientific integrity involved in your approach and your attitude. I also hear, you know, people's health and well being, I hear personal responsibility. These are things that are very important to you and I can tell are, you know, motivating you? So yeah, folks, we're gonna open the lines. If you have a question for Dr. Wolf, about his motivations, or about what has gone gone on in Albuquerque, and how things have unfolded there in terms of campaigning or messaging, raise your hand by pressing the one on your keypad. And then, and then we're gonna let Dr. Wolf go, because I think you said your move, you're moving today. Are you moving?

Dr. Bill Wolf 30:41 That's a big, big move. We can Yes.

Clint Griess 30:45 So you've got to got some work to do ahead of you. And we want to let you go do that. There's a question here from Beverly in Chicago. One sec. Go ahead, Beverly.

Beverly from Chicago 31:01 Yeah, hi. Thank you so much, both of you. Yeah, I live close to Chicago, which is the home of the ATA. And of course, also, we have a state law mandating fluoridation in most communities of you know, of any particular size. So my question is, how do you think you can motivate legislators who in Illinois would be the ones that need to be moved? In? Going on sorry,

Dr. Bill Wolf 31:32 go ahead. I'm sorry, I interrupted.

Beverly from Chicago 31:38 That we approached the legislator, and she was very convinced, until she talked to the a DA, and then they had her talk to a doubt as to who who scared her to death.

Dr. Bill Wolf 31:51 Well see the Vilius. They're operating on a motion. And they really don't know because they themselves had been manipulated by the Public Health Service. The ADA is just acting from information given to them by the Public Health Service. As far as any raw research data that they have done. I doubt there's any. So your Dennis is just a puppet from what he's heard other people tell him just like mercury fillings, I'm sure if you did, silver, amalgam mercury fillings, they'll tell you, they're they're fine. They weren't perfect. That's enough. You know, you don't find answers to the questions that you don't ask. And so if someone is settled into their belief systems and doesn't want to change, then you're gonna be tough to argue with. And so what Jeff Rainey was telling me is argue with them. It's not an adversarial situation, you're just going to ask them to take the responsibility, and maybe show them new data about why they would be should be libelous. Or it would be a really big decision to claim safety and effectiveness for something you're not sure about. So I'll have asked, the dentists will show me your, your research information, I'm not going to try to disprove you, you show me It's true, I don't have to show you them true. And you found out who the people are to pull the trigger, who made the decision for your state. I wrote emails, letters, most every day for a while for the mayor, I've got his email, memorize, they are very, and the head of the Water Authority Board. And so, you know, they and I really got some letters back from their assistants that says, you know, he agrees with you, he agrees with you, like enough. And I will just start sending them information not from a victim place as an anti fluoridation victim place as Jeff Green. But from a proactive place the permit to prove this a safe and effective version reserves certificate. And who's the responsible party here? Is the manufacturer responsible party in case there's any insurance claim? There's all kinds of medical reasons not to have fluoride in your system for diabetic thyroid problems that you know, this, you know, medical conditions, kidney problems that you know, you shouldn't, you shouldn't and you can't close this out. You know, you don't know how much fluoride patients patient the person is getting, because how much water they drink. Um, that's, you know, soft drinks to drink, how much they bathe. babies that are bottle fed, get a lot more fluoride babies that are naturally fed. So you're prescribing a drug that you can't monitor the dosage. So I'll just demand these people demonstrate to you that they give you certification of safety and effectiveness since they can't or won't. Why? Because it doesn't exist. That's why, but they need to find that out. And, you know, go to the legislator. Yeah, that's great. Go on to the head of the State Dental Association. It's a good move, going to Governor Brown and the mayor. Politicians don't like to assume the liability for decisions unless they absolutely have to. And when you put the burden of responsibility on them, sometimes it changed their minds as I feel happened here with waterboarding. So that's what I'm doing.

Beverly from Chicago 35:56 Okay, appreciate that. Thanks.

Dr. Bill Wolf 35:58 I will get I will get everybody's email I could. And, and until you agree, you know, to and I published, did you see my head on my website, where I published everybody's email on the waterboard, including the mayor. If you haven't seen it, go to Dr. Woodstock calm under flawed info. And you'll see my the artwork and the ad that I placed in the Albuquerque Journal a couple of times, and the local health magazine. And there were a lot of people that wrote in Seminole also, they're one of my patients. So.

Beverly from Chicago 36:35 Okay, appreciate that.

Clint Griess 36:38 Thanks for that question about strategy. Beverly, while you're on the line, would you mind sharing with everybody your personal motivations for being in

Beverly from Chicago 36:46 this? Well, I originally got into it because I was concerned about water privatization, which is a whole nother issue here in Chicago, may be coming back again. And then once I got into it, we realized that our little group realized that there are all these other water issues, including fluoridation. And we actually have we had a conference and Dr. Paul Connick, came out and spoke at that conference. But before that, I had no idea that there was a problem. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. And then I discovered the link to thyroid, I mean, the link to fluoride. So it's been noted there multiple issues in there. It's personnel, but it's also thinking about how much this is affecting everybody, the intelligence of our country and the implications that has for our future. So the list, you know, I mean, you just goes on and on.

Clint Griess 37:48 Great. Well, I appreciate that very much. Thank you, Beverly.

Unknown Speaker 37:53 You're very welcome. Thank you.

Clint Griess 37:57 Okay, so let's see, we've got some other folks who have raised their hand, want to hear your questions, and I want to hear your personal motivations for getting involved in this battle. Let's see. We have Elaine McCoy from Wellington. You've guys just got some urgent concerns they're having to Elaine.

Unknown Speaker 38:19 Yes. Hello, and thank you. Yes, we have. They've just put a notice out recently that there's a city town hall meeting coming up on June 28. And our new newly elected city council and mayor is going to discuss the proposed fluoridation of the city water and it was banned two years ago. And now all of a sudden it is coming back up. So we're on a mission here. And just grassroots and and some people I haven't even met in person, but just online and you know that our neighbors and whatnot, that we're just we put together a petition. But from all the research here, it doesn't matter how many signatures you have, it just seems that we're going to have to have so much more than that to attend this meeting and keep them from bringing fluoridation back in. I'm sorry. So with that said I was my question would be what would be the number one primary? I guess topic or issue to address we only have three minutes at the podium in this town hall meeting and how will What do you suggest I guess the number one most important criteria here?

Dr. Bill Wolf 39:47 Well, the number one thing that I will do that I did do is I had three minutes to for the first time I've been there about eight times now the first time I asked the board to ask their or Florida Edison manufacturer to provide certification of safety and effectiveness of adding fluoride to the water supply. If they can't get such evidence that liability insurance carrier of Albuquerque will want to know who's the to be held accountable, and it will be the water safety Water Authority Board, and appointed each one of them, so be you, you, you you and let them realize that there is consequence for this decision. And you can't just say, this mass medicate everyone, like you wouldn't give everyone penicillin. I mean, you did. What is the only ingredient that's put in water for medical perfect medication purposes. So it's something that we're medicating the mass population. So this, you know, most people don't want to be Medicare half, I don't want to be Medicaid. So my proposal is to take that same amount of money, and buy toothbrushes and toothpaste and pay for in New Zealand, they have something called a New Zealand dental nurses, and let's get you know, some spend some money on oral hygiene. Let's teach people how to take care of their mouth. Let's look at their diet. What do they have decay? Do we say? So fluoride deficiency? There is there is no nutritional lack of fluoride and fluoride, it's not a nutrient and we don't have the K because we have a fluoride deficiency. We have an oral hygiene deficiency. And if we spend that same amount of money on oral hygiene programs and staffing to go around and say, How about these indigent children? How about they can't afford to go to the dentist? Okay, then let's let's rethink how we provide dentistry. And that's probably should spend the money. But what you do is you ask them to take on the liability of making this decision. Because there could be consequences. And certainly there are areas of the country that there have been lawsuits about this, which is another topic. Okay.

Adrianna 42:12 Okay. Very good.

Dr. Bill Wolf 42:14 Sir, can you tell, can you provide me with certification, safety and effectiveness, if your manufacturer won't provide that to you, that should be very suspicious, then you'll have to be responsible for that decision, whether you're talking to the mayor, or whether you're talking to the Water Authority Board, or the city council, or whoever you're talking to. You ask them to prove it to you Don't be in a defensive anti fluoride posture, be not aggressive, just authoritarian, just like my authority is. And I'm asking you to prove it to me. And be in the power.

Unknown Speaker 42:51 Very good. That's outstanding. Thank you so much.

Dr. Bill Wolf 42:54 Okay. On my website, all the all these emails are there. Dr. wolf.com, flawed info.

Unknown Speaker 43:01 Wonderful. Thank you

Clint Griess 43:04 very much. You're welcome. Yeah, and you can Yeah, awesome. Thank you, Elaine, that link is on the Facebook page for today's event as well. And it's also an email invitation that I sent out to you. If I don't, if you don't mind, I'd like to add to that. You're not limited by that three minutes, you know, you can always call and make an appointment to talk to these folks in person in their offices, you can go alone, or you can bring someone with credibility. I don't know what you what your background is. But so often it works

Dr. Bill Wolf 43:36 like a dentist or let me let me add something to that. That's going to be my next step. What you just said, is that having been there enough times before the Water Authority Board, I know who is the most sympathetic to my cause, by their vote, and, you know, their attention and nodding their head, et cetera. And I'm going to make an appointment with this person and Dr. David Kennedy advise that what we need to do is get a risk resolution submitted before the city council, no unapproved drugs added to the water supply period. They'll take care of that is perfect.

Unknown Speaker 44:25 And how do you what would be the first step? How do you go about proposing an amendment like that?

Dr. Bill Wolf 44:34 Well, I'm gonna go through the Water Authority Board, or you can go through your city council. Or you can get a state legislator, someone that has the authority to present a resolution for a city or statewide but if you should keep it within your city start there. So I would go to the Water Authority Board or the city council and kind of sell body that's very sympathetic to cause and tell him what you'd like to say.

Unknown Speaker 45:05 Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 45:06 Okay. That's tremendous. And that really narrows it down. Because just since this came up, literally just in the last couple of weeks, there's so much information out there on fluoride and so many different ways to go with it. So this has helped immensely to narrow it down to get to the the core that said, thank you so very much Dr. Weil,

Dr. Bill Wolf 45:36 nucar. Welcome.

Clint Griess 45:40 And, Elaine, while you're on the line, yes, clear that you are motivated that you have a commitment here. Do you want to share a little bit about what got you started in care?

Unknown Speaker 45:54 Well, actually, I've become a little bit just probably a little bit too obsessed with it. I just I've been what little I've known about it over the years, my daughter is 18. Now that when she was little I did some investigation and just tried to avoid fluoride at all costs. And for her and our family, and they had the filters and all that now recently, since this just seems to have come up in our in our city. The fact that it's even? Well, first of all, it was a tremendous victory to have it banned two years ago and 2014. And then all of a sudden to have it coming back up again in 2016. In light of all the really the harmful effects of fluoride. And the municipal fluoridation, of course, I it's just astonishing that there seems to be a movement, where they're back and across the nation, and I've just been doing mostly the research here in Florida. And it's just, it's shocking the amount of people the amount of residents that are voicing their opinion, and how this decision can be in a handful of a few politicians, and generally goes against the voice of the population. We're not even voting on it. But it's just, you know, I do feel passionate about it. And I feel like most people are not aware of what's really going on. So I'm just trying to do my, my bit here and be supportive as I can and help get information out and just be instrumental in trying to, you know, make a difference and keep keep, you know, have a voice for the people that future generations to come and everybody.

Clint Griess 47:50 salutely I share that with you, I I see this as a direct infringement of the proper governance. It's just it's just a complete, as I think the term is government overreach. It's it's just beyond their purview. And the fact that people don't know about it is, is a problem indeed. But these are the these are folks that are really taking their physicians and claiming authority they really shouldn't have. And so I'm right there with the line.

Dr. Bill Wolf 48:27 For lack of informed consent, which is a basic tenets of medical care. There's no information and there's no consent, just mass medication. And yeah, and please go on my website. I've got a picture there. The artwork, and I asked the question, the Water Authority Board will be decided on May 18. Whether the Florida Albuquerque water and you don't get a vote, if you have an opinion on this, here's all the emails listed everybody's email there from the mayor on down. So I suggest you do the same thing and get a lot of people email and then

Unknown Speaker 49:12 absolutely tremendous.

Clint Griess 49:15 You don't get a vote. That's what's right there on your flyer in big letters. And that's that's going to wake people up that's going to get people thinking apart from the health detriments of fluoridation or the counterclaims of health benefits. Apart from all of that, and even the science and the, you know, the chemistry and all of that, that the quote unquote, technical stuff that turns a lot of people off when you go straight for the governance issues, like the lack of democracy, the lack of transparency, lack of education, the lack of authority, and as you point out the lack of ethics from a medical point of view. These are things that get people get people involved, get people excited.

Dr. Bill Wolf 50:00 especially if you're the politician that makes the decision you ask them to be responsible. Yes.

Clint Griess 50:10 All right. Well, thanks for raising your hand anyway. And thanks for the great conversation.

Unknown Speaker 50:14 Oh, thank you both clan and doctor. Well, thank you. This is tremendous and and help that immensely. Thank you. Thank you.

Clint Griess 50:24 Alright, let's take another call here. Another question from James Robert deal in Seattle. Hello, James.

James Robert Deal 50:36 Hello, Clint. Hello, doctor. Can you hear me? Okay? Yes, just

Dr. Bill Wolf 50:40 fine. Great, great.

James Robert Deal 50:43 A few points. Congratulations. I think you do have an advantage given the fact that you're, you're a dentist and you wear a white coat. You know, I'm an attorney, and I go and I probably made 50 to 100 speeches to the Everett city council, Seattle City Council, the Board of Health for Snohomish County, King County, and their eyes glaze over. And it seems to me they're under some sort of hypnotic trance. And I think what they're thinking is, well, gee whiz, if it's bad, and it's not legal, then these people have been lying to us. But how do we know you're not lying to us? And so there? It's a very interesting conundrum. And it's hard to explain. And it's hard to understand how people can be so unthinking, and so uncritical and so lead like a sheep but I did want to compliment you on having your own fluoride free toothpaste and pointing out that the, the ADEA won't approve it because it doesn't have fluoride in it. But in our own moods, in our own movement, we have a problem. And I maintain that we ought to take a unified stance not only against fluoride in drinking water, but for fluoride in toothpaste. Now, I realized that that there were comparative studies that were done, and that found that fluoride toothpaste lowered the number of cavities over non fluoride toothpaste, but it seems to me a proper comparison would be fluoride toothpaste versus proper hygiene, toothpicks, floss, not eating sugar, maybe brushing with baking powder, baking soda, making maybe how come there's not an iodized toothpaste because I know iodine. I brush was illegal to iodine about once every couple of weeks, you know, and it killed streptococcus dead. So as long as we're saying fluoride toothpaste is effective. And not saying that the downside of fluoride toothpaste is outweighs any advantage it might have because you absorb it through the soft tissues of your mouth, and whatever stays on your teeth, you swallow sooner or later. And it's extremely concentrated. So I'm running for governor and front and center on my campaign is you know, Florida fluoridation is a scam and a fraud. And it's an all my going to be on the voter pamphlet. And people can go to James Robert deal.org. And Hint Hint, there is a donate button. This is sensitive doing what I'm doing the filing fee was $1,700. So you know if you have any money to spares send it to James. But what do we do about the fact that we're, you know, I'm an attorney and they won't even take me seriously? Yeah, I

Dr. Bill Wolf 54:28 think you need to wear a sign around your neck to remind them I am an attorney. That would always get my attention. You know, I don't think because I was a dentist I had any more leverage than anyone else because there were about eight or 10 dentists there that were pro fluoride. So I don't think there's any big advantage for me. As far as the toothpaste studies show any any study can be biased. Maybe you brush your teeth more than you ever have in your life and you know it, I can I can talk to you about studies that whether it for date or not. fluoridated communities didn't matter. But the thing that I want you to know is that the majority of toothpaste on the market contain about point one 5% fluoride ions, which comes to about 1500 parts per million. Which, you know, we just reduced it from 1.4 million 2.7 million and water. Now you swallow a child under five years old swallows about 70% of toothpaste, you put them out and suddenly will absorption is the second fastest way to administer a drug Next Gen IV and that's that I'm sure most of you know if you've looked at the Florida toothpaste that says on the back, you know, only use a pea size drop on the tooth brush and if swallowed report to poison control center. So these are all red flags if poison flies so safe and why do we have to be so concerned about not ingesting too much of it? So deployed issue I feel if if dentists want to use fluoride on teeth, just topically use it. That's how it was initially presented to me in dental school. You know, the idea of drinking was rather bizarre, there's never been studies to really show that drinking is much of a benefit. And it seemed questionable, but how much of a benefit is food, all the teeth. So I, you know, I've been selling private labeling toothpaste for other companies making my own phone practice and patients for couple of decades now. And we have a very large practice and we have no issues about I don't share fluoride in the toothpaste or she had better results with mother toothpaste. It's about that it's about acidity of the body acidity of the mouth. It's about oral hygiene is a systemic issue too. So it's not all about just just Florida in the south Florida. But I appreciate you stepping forward as an attorney, especially if you're running for governor, you will have a very courage to preach from on on this subject. Hopefully, you'll be cognizant of the silver mercury fillings also because that is a travesty to healthcare in Oregon Madison's 1826 and 50% of the dentists still put mercury in the mouth that plus the fluoride to the health negative so I just think that you need to as any other citizen so I'm an attorney and here's what I need for you to do you need to show me where this is safe and effective decision you need to demonstrate that to me now just say someone told you where where do you get your raw information, your data that you're making this decision for all these treatments? It's bizarre they'll medicate a whole city just because like the size waterboard maybe how about the poor people? Well,

James Robert Deal 58:19 how about the poor people?

Dr. Bill Wolf 58:21 What Why don't we just as I said, my toothpaste and toothbrushes and, and has small hygiene or, or get some topical fluoride treatments, if you if you want to treat people to go vote, go to the dentist, my professor in dental school, Dr. Zimmerman, he was in the National Institute of Health in the early 50s. And he said down in the valley of Texas, where there's indigenous farmworkers, their kids that really never saw the dentist. They used to do fluoride, topical fluoride treatments, but it was never designed to be for the masses. It was just for mass carries decay. And that was what it was for that time. Not for everybody, just for special situations. So we can get into politics of it. You can even get into the conspiratorial aspects of it something I don't think it's wise to go there. The last place to go that's what we're talking about. Just ask people to be responsible for the decisions have investigated, did they really know? Can they assure you as safe and effective and how they produce that information? And when they find out they can't maybe they'll step back and say wait a minute, maybe I don't need all I need to know about this because Rick Snyder as I said, in Michigan, maybe he didn't need to know that he didn't have all information about switching the water supply from the Detroit River. So you just need to ask. The part is that they need to be responsible.

James Robert Deal 59:55 Well, I'm really hoping that the you know, the next National Research Council told EPA that the the MCL was too high, and they needed to lower it. So if they lower it any, then that point seven is going to be more than 10%. Of the of the MCL. So at that point, it will be defeated. But it's now been 10 years since the 2006. NCR report telling EPA that they needed to lower the MCL. So what they didn't lower the MCL, what they did is they just lowered the amount they're adding to the drinking water. So I'm hoping that goes through. I'm, I'm afraid that the only thing that's going to stop this is a lawsuit. And, you know, I'm hesitant to get involved in, in a gigantic lawsuit, which would consume all of my time. But I'm afraid that's the only thing that's going to work. And that you, you held off the attack in Albuquerque for a while. But this is a very persistent conspiracy. And it's not a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy fact. Because

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:01:17 you need to take it back to the you know, the phosphate fertilizer business, and then even beyond that aluminum to the atom bomb. I mean, we go way back. But given all that whatever is true or not true, or whatever, you know, here we are reality therapy is we're here today, and life is from here forward. Okay, why don't we do today? And we can we can, you know, try to educate people and, and speak louder and more leaflets. With that comes a point in time you have to do something. And that do something may be filed a lawsuit. And that may put you in a position that people said this man really cares about us? Think about it. Yeah,

Clint Griess 1:02:06 yeah. James, what why do you care so much?

James Robert Deal 1:02:11 What's your most as a child I was I was beaten up by football, Suggs, and I don't like people who beat up other people. And putting fluoride in drinking water is a form of beating people up slowly. But it's still the same thing. Just so big company can make a profit. And that's why I became a lawyer.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:02:33 You need to link this into your your story. That's your story of how you got to where you are. And that's what's so compelling that people say this man is special. Because he's not just in shoes, this like, Well, hey, I need a political platform. And this is gonna be a good dramatic one, I'll do it on the floor. I know you have a story behind it. And it makes you more human, it makes you, you know, seem like you really care about my well being even though I'm not your state. There's something something else you can do if you go, I believe I've got this letter on my website, too. I went into the website for the Water Authority Board. And they had the entry point support national fluoride points to the distribution system. And the surface water treatment plant. And how the minimum detected was point three parts per million average point five parts per million, but the maximum detected was 1.2. That was as an enter the surface treatment plant. Well, as it came out after they document, it was five parts per million, they say average was point parts familiar maximum to take 1.5 questions? What's the average the incoming point three and 1.2? That comes out to point seven, five, which is what CDC recommends? Why is there any reason that anything? So and is there a difference between natural flora? And why they would add was yes, there is but about natural arsenic. Which a drink that about natural mercury. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's okay. A lot of things naturally kill you. So I think if you if you research a little more, because every Water Authority Board is going to have this information what what is the concentration of all all the elements in the water as it comes into the system? And why would you need to artificially add for it? So, you know, these are very important points.

Clint Griess 1:04:47 Wonderful. Thank you. So thanks so much, James, for all that you're doing. And thanks for fighting those bullies. And up to the bullies That's right. Okay, are you willing to stick around a little bit longer? We have some more questions, Dr. Wolf. Sure. Great. And just like Dr. Wolf said, you know, I want to learn about your motivations, because it's not just that it's really great to get to know each other here better and to appreciate that there's a lot of different reasons to want to end artificial water fluoridation. And to hear, hear people's motivations is really inspiring today on this call, but I want you to understand, too, that being able to share your personal story in a conversation with somebody can make can make all the difference. It's actually it's actually a smart strategy to have a personal story so that people don't, because people are wondering, why do you care so much. They really are. They're listening to you, when you're talking. You may be talking about the science, you may be talking about the governance issues, and they're listening to you. But in the back of their mind, they're wondering, why does this person care so much? So answer that question, fill in that blank for them, let them know why you care, so much. So that they literally know why you care so much, rather than making up in their own minds what they might, who knows what they might make up about you just from their own prejudice or ideas about things. They might assign some other motivation to you that you don't even know. So why not? Just tell them? So this is good practice today, too. All right, let's hear from Lisa Cavanaugh in Oberlin, Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53 Hi. I'm very interested in this discussion. And I also sent a chat over I don't know if you received it or not. Yeah. Okay. And it contained. A response from the Ohio EPA, the gentleman that wrote back was very sympathetic. And he said that, you know, the generally General Assembly enacted legislation in 1969, which is a long time ago, and science has certainly made huge jumps since then. And that the at this point, and he concluded in his letter that the today there are no mechanisms for additional communities to opt out of that requirement. Now, I also think I let you know that I spoke with my I did. I spoke with my city council. And I'm a registered nurse. I've worked in public health, primarily maternal child health. I've worked with neonates I understand what is legal medication, you know, medicating and what is not legal. And it seems to me if you have any law that's based on something illegal, it would be null and void. We had an attorney on a few minutes ago. And I'm interested what why wouldn't that law just be thrown out? Because it is medicating people not treating the water. Not only that, but it's not even dosed correctly for an infant. Pediatricians are recommending that parents don't use tap water. Well, of course, the poor communities are going to be using tap water. If they make infant formula with water rather than breastfeed. There's no fluoride in breast milk. All of these things I discussed with this the council and maybe I overwhelmed them. I don't know. They seemed a little shocked with some of the information that I offered. And they said, well, we'll consider it and it died right there. Even though I've continued to send information to them, continue to ask questions about it. It's never as important as the new sidewalk going on asked if we can have warning labels on our our utility bills, just that please. will consider nothing. It's I've been working on this now for years. And it's really frustrating. Really frustrating.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:09:59 Right? And so, are you fluoridated right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:08 Well, I have a filter that supposedly takes out the fluoride in the water. I also develop Lyme disease. And it's chronic and it ended up causing a tripping, I guess a genetic predisposition to mitochondrial disorder, which is, is something that is there's no cure, it's just that it will progress. And, you know, there are a lot of neurological effects from this disorder. So far, I was particularly an issue for me to get rid of as well as all the amalgam in my mouth, which I did. And that was pretty costly. Cheaper, if you go through dental school, I will say that and Case Western was very good about it. But so yeah, I wanted to get rid of that, because it is a neurotoxin. And I don't need any more problems with my neurological system right now. And I do have a filter for my shower, as well as the water that I use in my hot tub for therapy. But it's not about me. I didn't go into nursing. For me. This is about public health. It's about our environment. It's about so many issues. I can't even believe that someone would ask the question. Why does this? You know why? Why are you doing this? It seems so obvious that they're hunters. Why are we not doing it? Is my question.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:11:58 So is your community Florida right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02 Oh, yes, it is. And according to legislators and EPA, in our my local community, there's no mechanism to opt out of this. There's no way we can change this legislation. What was done in 1969 can never be changed.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:12:22 Well, seriously, doubt that. Here in Africa, a few years ago, we weren't for data. And that was changed. Because of I was brought up with how many other sources, fluoridation the people are exposed to now. And that since we are at have some natural flies in the water, that there was just a movement to not Florida and of course, the CDC was supposed to come up with a new recommendation, not a mandate. This is not a federal decision. The federal, the Feds duck out of this, they say it's a local decision. It's not. But there are federal guidelines if a community chooses to Florida and so they were supposed to come up with a new recommendation, I think in 2010, and took until last year to come up with this point seven, and they reduced it see from 1.4 million 2.7. Because there are so many other sources of the food beverage, pesticide exposure. And so I think they're really lightweight. Yeah, and so you can get some information that I'm sure they have to keep because there are water schools. So these people I tell you who you can call. If you go on my website and look at fluoride information. Fluoride info. There's a Lhasa, Le s h o Okay, he's in Buffalo, Wyoming. And he's a water engineer there. And he knows nobody in Wyoming is Florida. And, and buffalo he said they don't Florida eight because the water schools that he has to go to every two or three years, whatever it is to get recertified. Advise him communities not Florida, because of potential lawsuits for because people don't want to be mass medicated. He was very approachable. I called him in the middle of my busy day. And he was busy too, but he took time out. And when very nice conversation nice man. I think you should call him. Okay. And his email is right there and ask him what the basketball records that your water board has to keep to On this floor floor registration, because if they haven't monitored the Florida border and adjusted, how they supplement since 1969.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11 Well, would they? Well, well, they've changed. That was one of the things that they said, I think, basically to kind of shut me up was, well, well, you know, the CDC came out with a new mandate, which I corrected them and said, No, it that's not a mandate. It's a recommendation. But they said, Well, we've lowered it. So now, you know, pretty much go away. The thing is, I don't even know how a lot can that's based. If it's illegal to mass Medicaid, how can that law still be for Ohio still be enacted?

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:15:57 After the FDA involves some some white because they're sending out letters like they sent one to Kirtland laboratories here, January 13. That letter stated the Florida drops and tablets are unapproved new drugs, because they're not generally recognized as safe and effective for caries prevention purposes. And no manufacturers ever provided FDA with any adequate studies to demonstrate the drug safety and effectiveness. So I would get in touch the FDA and ask them proven, safe, safe and effective for me, let them tell you they don't have the information and present that to the waterboard. And so then, okay, you've been safe and effective. In other words, you take the the, you take the power to say, I need you to prove it to me. And someone someplace, as the gentleman before said, There must be a lawsuit filed and there has to be a class action suit locally to get people together. For because you're you're being medicated with an unapproved drug prescribed by non licensed practitioners. All right. And we're ongoing next. I don't know if you're on the call, is I'm going to go into a city council member some of the water board and get a resolution passed, hopefully, that says no unapproved drugs and our current water supply. So that just bought them on sanctions down. You know, whatever. Sounds good. And give me a look here. This is this is what the bottom line is,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:33 then that should be the bottom line right there. And thank you so much for giving me the information and I will take it from their they've been extremely sympathetic. And the you know, the gentleman who's in charge over there smoke community said he'd like nothing more than to stop adding it. He doesn't want it in his water. But he's been told he has to have to add.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:18:03 Someone has say no. I mean, ask. Yeah. If you, your child needed to go get a drink of water, and there's a faucet over there with just regular water, and there's a pulse of fluoridated water. Which one would you tell him to go to? In your heart of hearts? Which one would you tell him to go to? Oh, honey, go drink on the Florida tab. Yeah, well, one of the board members said, No, I would not tell him to do that. Let's say well, you're saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33 All right. Well, thank you very much. And I really appreciate you taking my call and my comments.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:18:39 You're quite welcome. Call that gentleman.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:42 I sure. Well, thank you greatly. So

Clint Griess 1:18:45 you have a really compelling story, being a healthcare practitioner, as well as being someone who has a particular sensitivity to fluoridation. You know, you have again, if you let people know, reveal to people, your motivations, of course, as Dr. Wolf is recommending demand them to take responsibility and be responsible for this tragedy. But you know, both together, so you know, be happy, happy to share your personal motivations, happy to share that you care about the health of your of your community, and then demand that they be responsible.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:24 Okay, will do. Thank you so much.

Clint Griess 1:19:28 Welcome. Okay. Kathy, justice, from Ghost Springs, Colorado. How you doing, Kathy? I'm good. How about you? Oh, great. So great to have you on the call today. Thank you for being here.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:45 You bet. You bet. Dr. Wolf, I want to tell you, congratulations. Great job.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:19:51 Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55 I wanted to ask you, if any vet came forward with your ads In the paper and such, with any information that

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:20:08 No, no, but that should be a prime target. Because I really feel for animals that have no choices. But the ones that drink food, the toxins on the ground, that's yeah, that would be a good course the next round for veterinarians to speak up for their patients to animals.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:34 The reason that I'm asking is the next to last horse that we lost. And we ended up losing eight to chronic fluoride poisoning. That here thought that he had pneumonia, and I was treating him for pneumonia and his lifetime he came out, he said, You're gonna have to take him to Albuquerque now, because his lungs are filling up with fluid. And it was the end of December. And this was, I believe, in 2010. It took us almost eight hours to get there because the roads and the weather was so bad. And we got there, and I'm not going to give you the name of the vet, I will give it to you personally, but I'm not gonna put it over the phone. This horse was in he was a young horse. He wasn't quite nine years old yet. was walking like he was drunk. And they did an ultrasound found out that he his lungs were three quarters of the way full of blood took almost a gallon of fresh blood out of each lung and said he's not going to make it. And he didn't he didn't make it through the night. The necropsy found and it was two surgeons and a pathologist that did the necropsy found that he had cancer of the lungs. And it was one of these cancers that eaten through an artery was where this blood was coming from. But he had cancer the lung, bladder, liver and adrenal. So being that that was discovered by an Albuquerque, that I would think that he would have stepped forward. If if, you know, he was approached on this. I would think you were a step forward if he would have seen your ads, but I just was curious if if he had and obviously not.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:22:26 No, I really, I know when working with the on this, it's simple. I had another health professional that was there with me. Waterworld, meaning some acupuncturist that stood up and said things. Other than that, I was just sending these letters between patients. I did write an article for a magazine for chemicals leach toxic lead into drinking water. You know, if you can, you know, reaching some for someone's intellect is one thing when you can hook their emotions, that's something else. And if you can tie this into Flint, which very well could be that kind of disaster if the pipes in your neighborhood or your town have a lot of brass fittings and lead solder joints then the pipe you know that's that's what fluoride does. It's a halogen. And chlorine in conjunction to fluoride and the chlorine in the same pipe. magnify the effects that leaching the lead. And you could you could have another Flint on your hands.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:37 Oh, you bet. You bet. Well, and I'm sure a lot of Albuquerque, we're real familiar with Albuquerque, we in fact, when I show horses down there, I haul our all of their water from here to there, since our water is no longer fluoridated. Because I don't even want the point three parts per million. But I don't want any fluoride being as cumulative. Any part is too much, as far as I'm concerned and, and the ills and the deaths and the horror of it was a hell hair for 20 years that our water was fluoridated. I don't want to have any part of it. But that was my big question was was if this vet happened to step forward, because he was he was shocked. Absolutely.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:24:26 Well, I think, you know, for those listening that anytime you can find any health professionals in your town that will stand up and be supportive. It's wonderful thing. I doubt that. Vets think about it very much. I mean, they're not thinking in terms of toothpaste and things like this, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:47 I've talked to hundreds of them over the last 30 years and there has not been one single one of them. When I asked him and I don't you know lead in with anything of what happened here or anything I just wanted to know. Just ask them what They were taught about fluoride in school, and college and they say safe and effective and good for your teeth. And that's it. They don't know. And in in the first peer reviewed manuscript in the journal fluoride, that Dr. Crook and I wrote, it explains where that comes from the parts per million that a horse can consume without harm. And it's just made up, they just made it up and and kept repeating it. And that is what they refer to in the Merck veterinary journal or manual. So, you know, their their Bible is telling them can't happen.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:25:45 So you just keep talking about it. And, you know, as I was saying a while ago, they'll be back, it's something that we are always need to be poised to deal with this. And even though we're not quite certain what the powers that be are behind this. We sort of know the industrial aspect of this, but one of the overall implications don't really think the Water Board is so concerned about tooth decay. I doubt it. There's always other issues at hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25 Well, I know that when we got the first necropsy report in the fall of 2004, I had been sending things to the AR waterboard for years and years and years, and they had been ignoring me. And that was the first time I got their attention. And that was just a few short months, it was the end of March that they cease fluoridation. But you suggesting going directly to each person, city council, it was the Water Board that made the decision here, I did that. And President of the Board daughter had a horse that they had just put down because it had chronic colics. She had not even though I had brought this up hundreds of times that colic was the first problem to manifest in our horses, she had not made the correlation because her vet told her, you know, it doesn't make any difference. But her horse, the horses had chronic colleagues, and they finally put it down, and it finally got her attention. But talking to them individually does make a huge difference. If you can do a one,

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:27:32 just keep sending them articles, when you send articles, try to go to if you find a reference on a website, try to retrace it and go back to the actual research the actual original article. That's what I've got on my website. I've got the original research page, the summary sheet of the original research, it's not a he said she said. And the other thing is boy does bio accumulate. My horses. Yeah, that's, that's that's what people don't realize, you know, that this is accumulation over a period of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12 Right. Right. Well, and do we did what you said you had done, we, I presented information, scientific information with links, where as the powers that be the the ADA even went as far as sending to men in suits. We had we had lookouts at all the dentist's office. And they sent guys here to basically threaten the dentists that they better step up and start fighting for fluoridation. But we asked the waterboard to present us with the information, the scientific information Pro, and they couldn't find any.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:28:58 There isn't any that's why

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00 it's right. Well, especially back then there was there was not any, but if we had had the Cochrane review that could have that could have solved the whole problem right off the bat, because it pretty much says there is no good research. But you hit some really, really, really good points on this. And a lot of the same points that we hit when when we got fluoridation ceased in 2005 here, but my main question was, was if this vet had had come forward with any information, yeah, he was. Yeah.

Clint Griess 1:29:36 You can you can reach Dr. Wolf through his website. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39 I will do that. I will do.

Clint Griess 1:29:42 D RWOLF e.com. Okay. Well, thanks so much, Kathy. I think you've communicated pretty clearly your motivation. Devastating. No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00 Horses and get away with it.

Clint Griess 1:30:02 Yeah, so I posted on the today's event page on Facebook the poisoned horses video that shows Kathy justices experience. And if you watched I think you'd be everyone will be pretty clear about why. Even though she they don't have fluoridation her committee any longer she is still absolutely dedicated to any water fluoridation everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23 Yep. Thank you, Clinton. Thank you, Dr. Wolf.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:30:29 Oh, you're quite welcome. Thank you.

Clint Griess 1:30:32 All right, folks. So we have still more time and more more hands raised. If you have a question for the doctor. We also want to hear from from you about your personal motivations. What has you take the time, why bother? So much going on in life and so many things pulling at you and taking you in different directions? Why would anyone focus on this issue and, and we all have our own personal motivations and reasons. And it's really great to share those today. And then to really for yourself, have it very clear to so that anytime you're talking to somebody you can remember, even start with your personal motivation before you get into the details. So they know who's who's talking, and that you're not trying to pull one over them, you're not trying to have some weird agenda, you just literally honestly, authentically care.

James Robert Deal 1:31:24 So let's see,

Clint Griess 1:31:28 we've got a little less than a half an hour left on the call. And I want to remind everybody have the opportunity to be together in small breakout discussion groups after the teleconference is over, casual and informal. And basically, I'll just, if you want to, it's optional, you stay on the line. After the teleconference is over, I've managed to set up discussion, breakout discussion discussion groups based just randomly and who knows who you'll get to meet and talk to, it's very popular. And it's, you know, you can talk about what you learned today on this teleconference or anything else. And you can be on the line as long as you want. It's unattended in you just carry on and enjoy the conversation with a really extraordinary group of people. And, you know, this teleconference is every second Saturday, and I recommend that you register every Saturday, excuse me every month and show up here, get a good drink of inspiration and togetherness with people of like minded people from all over the world people. Various, again, we have such a diverse crowd of people, we have a lot of different ideas about a lot of different things. But one thing, we are all clear that adding fluoridation chemicals to the water is a bad idea. Okay, so let's, let's see who else wants to ask a question or share your motivation. Go ahead and raise your hand by pressing one on your keypad. And there's some people I see here that I recognize your names, and I definitely want to hear from you. You know who you are. And there's some new folks on the line, at least names that I don't recognize. And I want to welcome all the newcomers. Again, please make this a regular event in your calendar. And let other people know it's a great way to to get people involved. It's a great way to educate people. Each month, we have a different theme, a different presentation. And so share, share on Facebook, you know, share with your network, send out by email for it on the email invitations that you get from me. These are all different ways that you can get the word out and we can all be together at least once a month. Thank you very much. And this teleconference does rely on donations, there are a couple of ways you can donate you can just click on the donation KEY button in the invitations that you receive by email. Likewise, you can also get an A donated membership on the International Forestry teleconference library for $10 for the whole year. And that's a great way to support the teleconference and keep it free for everyone every month to attend. Okay. Karen in Boston, one sec. 21. Hang on. Karen is in Boston. She's a highly motivated person. So we're going to learn a little bit about what motivates Karen and also find out what if she has a question for the doctor. Okay, Karen, thank you for waiting. Go ahead.

Karen Spencer 1:34:45 Can you hear me now? Yes. Excellent. All righty. Yeah, actually, I have something I want to offer to the lady with Lyme disease. And this will touch on my Matata my motivation is well, first off, she said that there are laws in place. If that's made it impossible to remove it from the water once it's in. And that is true in some states, the law has been intentionally worded by fluoridation, if that will allow the fluoridation to be ordered in by the Board of Health, like every other year, and unless the populace can prevent it from being put in once it's and there's no way of getting it out, unless you get a Home Rule exemption. The only way to do this is if you can get your city council and your mayor to basically write the state legislature and say we want an exempt exemption from following the law that says we have to keep it in once it's in. So that is a convoluted method that has been intentionally and strategically put in place in several states such as my own. And that's what you have to go through to get it out of the water once it's in your water. So I wanted to share that information. The other piece of information I wanted to share was I too had Lyme disease. And I thought Lyme disease and I really had Lyme disease, but I got it about the same time I switched from bottled water delivered in glass jugs to a filter and it was a good quality filter, but it wasn't good enough. I was on Cipro for a while and that's of course, one of the floor, fluoroquinolones, one of the fluoridated antibiotics, and I just really didn't really get better and I kept going to doctors after that. And I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and told to learn to live with the pain, the dizziness, the fatigue, the daily singing in my arms and legs. As I went to bed at night, the aches and pains, the arthritis, the swelling all that learn to live with the pain, it's chronic Lyme disease, there's nothing you can do about it. So if we're 23 years, 23 years after that diagnosis, I've lived with the pain and I was lying on the couch with an icepack on my left foot. And my right foot was beginning to her thinking I'm going to be in a wheelchair and my kidneys are aching. I had been dying to have problems with my liver, etc. And I knew I was sensitive to fluoridated toothpastes and I couldn't use them without getting sores and everything else. And I said, I've just got to do it. I gotta go back to being really really strict and only using bottled water and not trusting my filter anymore, etc, etc, etc. Nine days my chronic Lyme disease went away. My kidneys haven't ached not even once since then. And that's been almost two years, I have had twinges of arthritis in my left foot whenever I eat out or I have to if I do something stupid like I got a scoop of sorbet ice cream must have been made with fluoridated water. But other than that, I 23 years of chronic Lyme disease. It was fluoride poisoning. So Cipro of course, is the other problem in that lots of times people who aren't sensitive fluoride ahead of time before Lyme disease will become sensitized to it afterwards, because they've been basically floxie With these fluoridated drugs. So I just wanted to call in and offer that because I've been there. My family also have autoimmune diseases. I have a few other issues. But you know, I'm really in very good health. My other issues are very mild. Generally, it was just my real issue was fluoridated fluoride poisoning. So I wanted to share that with her. Hopefully that will help her and others. I also want to share one other thing that recently came across the wires, apparently, a fluoridation is organization out in Colorado. Kathy, are you listening has convinced the national DNA NAACP in that part of the world that includes Colorado and Wyoming and some of those other Rocky Mountain states, that fluoridation is really good for the African American and Hispanic populations. And those of us opposing fluoridation are apparently racist and don't care about them. And that they are bringing it to the national and double ACP to get the national and a double ACP to endorse fluoridation. So I suggest that everyone should be aware of that, and take actions to make sure that people in those communities in African American Hispanic and other communities are aware of this and political manipulation that's going on. And that's all I have to say, Clint, any questions?

Clint Griess 1:39:53 Thank you. Thank you. Yes. It's interesting how I'm just sitting listening to you and you Why my motivations are, are good motivations, and I care about people's health. And I do care about good governance and personal responsibility and sanity. But I have to say, I haven't actually experienced personally any, at least that I know of any adverse health effects because of the fluoride I've consumed in the public water supply, and other places. So I really appreciate you bringing it home to, to really give us you know, a report of someone who's literally physically pained, you know, suffer every day, when you come into contact with the floor.

Karen Spencer 1:40:46 Yeah, and there's just way too many of us like that. And it needs your by the personal stories do need to be told. And of course, once you tell those stories, you say, Oh, you must be a hypochondriac, or I don't believe it. I have a neighbor who says, I believe that you you've been harmed by a care, and I trust you and everything, but my dentist tells me it's a good thing. So I'm going to vote to put it in the water. I don't visit them so often anymore, is it's just really, really hard. It's it's a psychological thing that happens. And it's really a moral imperative. For a lot of us, I think, I know, it's the moral imperative for me, I can't get back the decades that I suffered because of this. I can't bet get back all the nights I went to bed earlier, I lay there in pain, and I just need to learn how to live with it. But I'm going to do my darndest to make sure that other people aren't going to be suffering the way I am. And you're right, you need to open some of your conversations with that. But the doctor is also right, you also need to turn it to make it meaningful to them. And because it's not meaningful to them, and they're willing to say, Well, okay, you're suffering with it, but I'm going to go along with it, because somebody told me so and I'm going to trust Him, you have to make it meaningful for them. And when you do put it on them, well, City Council's water boards, State Department's of water, Office of Quality, whatever, you're the one who is going to be liable for this. And I'm standing here and I have evidence to prove to you that what I'm telling you happened to me is scientifically documented in many, many studies. So when this comes to trial, not if what comes to trial, but when it comes to trial, the liability is going to land on your desk, then you make it meaningful for them. And then you've engaged their attention, and it's no longer I can discount them. It's like that saying from World War Two when they first came for the gypsies. I didn't speak up because I wasn't a gypsy. I wasn't a Catholic. I wasn't a homosexual. But then when they came from me, there was nobody left to speak for me. It's exactly like that.

Clint Griess 1:43:00 All right. Thank you, Karen.

Karen Spencer 1:43:02 Okay, bye, bye. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:05 Goodbye. Wow.

Clint Griess 1:43:09 Wow. Okay, we've got some more folks who want to chime in. Thank you very much for raising your hands. Let's definitely hear from Charlene in Wellington for Florida. This place. We've heard fully hear from Elaine earlier.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:26 Yeah. Hello, hello. Can you hear me? Hi, how are you? Yeah. See, Elaine didn't did a quick email to me saying, hey, get on this conference. But so that's how I got to hear all about you. This is a wonderful thing. I had the privilege of working directly with Jeff Green two years ago to get the fluoride out of our water here. And in Wellington, as Elaine mentioned, and it took a lot of time behind the scenes with the council to do that. And Jeff was a warrior. He was amazing man for sure. And David Kennedy as well. So it's, you know, my passion has been, you know, I was here in Wellington when it wasn't fluoridated. And then they voted to have it put in 1999 and then actually have it added in the year 2000. So it was here for 14 years. And I was at the forum we had Bill heard the from the EPA in we had Hardy lineback you know, back when he was at, you know, with the Canadian, dental, you know, the president of the Canadian Dental Association out there. And in Paul Connett So with all these, you know, very respectful people. We had a dentist and they already had their minds made up. So, but then we had change of counsel and and they heard you know, they heard the word per se they had the eyes to see and the ears to hear. And since then there has been a change of counsel. And the one remaining person that was on the council two years ago who voted not to stop it became mayor. So, you know, Elaine is She's a warrior, you know, doing so much research, I see me and her 15 years ago, and I've been passionate ever since. It's a fight worth fighting. Because it is, you know, unfortunately, you know, the population is just so unaware of what's going on. And I just wanted to share my, my history of the fight with fluoridation. I've worked with many great people. Well, yeah, Elaine, we got a new we got a new a new member to where our army so that's always a wonderful thing.

Clint Griess 1:46:01 Yes, Wellington, where is that in Florida,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:04 in West Palm Beach. It was a, you know, a city, you know, that was including in West Palm Beach. And then they went into their own municipality, I forget how many years ago. So we're in the West Palm Beach area. It's a big equestrian community to here. They have, you know, a lot of Olympic riders coming in, but a lot of the Barons are out, you know, in wealth with wealth, this is large swaths of land. So, I don't know how much attention that I mean, we want to there is a an equestrian woman on the council here that, you know, we need to perhaps get her attention in this avenue. Yeah. Yeah. So, hey, you know, I want to thank you both for having this wonderful informational webinar offer. I mean, I will pass that word around, because I never knew about it.

Clint Griess 1:47:04 Wonderful. Wonderful. Yeah, definitely would love to have you again and all your people.

Adrianna 1:47:11 Very well.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:12 Thank you so much.

Clint Griess 1:47:14 Welcome. All right. Let's go to Washington State again. There's a bunch of folks from Washington State. I love it. Audrey Adam.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:26 Hi. Oh,

Adrianna 1:47:27 hello. My, my reason for fighting this fight, I actually cannot not fight this fight. Because my 31 year old son who has autism, who I wrote about last December. So those who hit the fan newsletter would have read it. He has autism, Lyme disease, and profound chemical sensitivities. And he suffered horrifically for 14 years before I finally figured out the connection between his pain and chemicals, and particularly the chemical that he's most sensitive to appears to be fluoride. And so that realization came about 16 years ago. So it's been a long time. Interestingly, along the way, oh, and by the way, for those of you who hadn't read that three part article of Kyle, it's not just drinking fluoridated water, but any source of fluoride and, and particularly a fluoridated shower, can absolutely send him through the roof within minutes. severe profound pain. And, and that would be even if there's a accoring filter, as a matter of fact, we. So he's not reacting to chlorine, because, you know, the filters do a very good job of filtering out chlorine, anyway. And it's within minutes. And so there's really no question and it baffles me. It baffles me that it took me so long to figure out but you just don't expect the water. And interestingly, it was other parents of children and adult children with autism, who had alerted me first of all to the problem of drinking fluoridated water, that might be a contributing factor to my son's pain. And then a different mom of another child with autism, who had alerted me to the problem of showering in four Are they water, which was about seven years after the first realization. And then because of that, and being totally immersed in the fluoride fight, here with James dill. And by the way, I think James is just extraordinary to this, this is not the first time he's run for an office to try to get the word out about fluoride. And I thank him so very much. He's been a real fighter for such a long time. Anyway. But I wanted to say that to Karen who has Lyme disease, and my son also had Lyme disease, well, I happen to have a particular chronic Sihamoni A, and any fluoride exposures for myself, which I wouldn't have known if it weren't for everything that I know about Kyle and all the different sources of fluoride, it seems to have a synergistic effect with any any other condition that you have any chronic bacterial, you know, because like lime hangs out in various joints, etc. And it seems that for me, if I have any source of fluoride, it goes straight to the, to that point, and can be very, very painful. And it takes about four hours, like if I eat something that has fluoride in it, like chocolate nonimmigrant, organic, if it's not organic chocolate, some of them are very, very high in fluoride, and I'll start feeling it in about four hours, and can be in rising pain in about six to eight hours. So it's really interesting how fluoride interacts with other health conditions, that just makes them worse. Anyway, on there very excited about working continuing to fight this fight, because I can't not think about all of those people who have

developmental disabilities who are suffering, particularly those with autism, because most folks on the autism spectrum have chemical sensitivities. They cannot handle fluoride, or any other chemicals or the synergistic effects between all those chemicals. And they have no voice. And they have behaviors that they're acting out because they're in pain, and they're being totally misunderstood. And people are trying to address that behaviors without ever addressing the pain and it breaks my heart. So that's my reason I have I've I have to keep fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Clint Griess 1:53:11 Wow. Wow, some some urgency there for me, just like I wish that you could just press a button and ended now. We're going to end this. Together we will end artificial water fluoridation. And of course, did your story on today's event page two from the Florida action networks. bulletin part one and people can read the story. And in detail, thanks for chiming in today, Audrey. Welcome.

Adrianna 1:53:43 Oh, I have one question. If anybody has an answer to the issue of if if your water district is buying water from if Dr. Wolf is still on he might have an idea or he might be moving now okay, I'm one of them. Men in one of the many many water districts in the Seattle area that purchase water from the Seattle Public Utilities and when you go to you know the water districts that that are buying the water pre fluoridated they always have that well we can't do anything we're you know that that's out side of our ability, we don't have our own water source, we have to buy the water as is. So I like your idea of you know, asking them to prove it. And by the way, I've spoken to so many different councils and boards and you name it hundreds, hundreds of times and I bring We met up a lot. But I never been able to really nail at home I and I, and I think I'm discounted, quite often, just because I'm a mom. Like, we still feel sorry for your son.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:15 But oh, well.

Adrianna 1:55:16 But do you have any particular advice for, for example, if you're going to a water district that has to buy their water second from another district, and they really don't have another source, as far as your, your suggestion of asking them for, you know, the proof, because I've done that, and it didn't work. But you might have some more specific recommendations.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:55:44 Well, I feel there's always another source. Some somebody had added someplace, and maybe you need to be the one to source out that information. Maybe they're just not motivated enough to reach further backward or these people get the water and get a source. Well, one thing I wanted to add, when people talk about the fluoride flared up in their lime pain in their joints. Remember, as the first show, when I was talking about the Material Safety Data Sheet, that's on the website for our info, we're not just talking about fluoride in the hydrofluorosilicic acid MSDS sheet, because along with that fluoride comes the arsenic, lead, the barium and aluminum, that has been quantitatively analyzed, because the MSDS sheet only accounts for about 23 to 27% on so you don't have here hydrofluorosilicic acid, the rest are other very toxic chemicals. So and then we have to talk about radiation to anytime you're talking about water, word in the rain, the water come from. So these are all issues, of course and under discussion, your own research. But I would certainly source out all of the possibilities of obtaining water in your state. And I doubt that this is the only place to get water or that Oh, I'm sorry, it comes out of the ground floor. They added fluoride somewhere and they cannot add it. There's just not enough emphasis to to do that. And so it projects some work on your part too, but it's obviously very important. So that can't be an excuse anymore. So like saying your you can only get your hamburger with mayonnaise, you can't have mustard. Sorry. So, you know, it's just something that is as an excuse, but it's not a justification.

Adrianna 1:58:00 Yeah, there's there's water rights issues, where Seattle owns the water rights. And so there's other water districts that are in the areas where the water rights are already owned, which seems completely unfair, but that's what we deal with. And because residents in the city of Seattle voted 35 years ago, or three, eight years ago, whatever it is to put in the water, all of the districts who purchase water from Seattle Public Utilities, who owns all of the water rights in the area, have to get it fluoridated. So I was just wondering if anybody had a particular angle that they I won't keep working.

Dr. Bill Wolf 1:58:51 I will go to the FDA there. It's an unapproved drug they're adding and they're adding it illegally unapproved drug and their non medical prescribers dosing that out. And this can't be dose to mass public. So, you know, it's got it's got to start from, you know, political base and you'd find a sympathetic city councilman, state legislator, someone that will stand strong with you.

Clint Griess 1:59:22 Yeah, we're all looking for that sympathetic person. And so Audrey wants a couple of things I've heard for those smaller towns that are the customers of the bigger city utility, whose fluoridating Yeah, like you said, they don't they don't do the fluoridating. But there's a couple things you can get them to do as a council and that is one is to jointly recommend to the Seattle in this case, where they buy the water to stop Florida eating just it's non binding, but it's you know, the statement, you know, we're downstream and we don't want fluoridation, please stop and the other thing is that you can get your small town council to demand that the manufacturer of the fluoridating chemicals, put in writing that it's safe for consumption by all all by all consumers. And

Dr. Bill Wolf 2:00:21 it always comes down to responsibility and live liability, you have to go that route, you have to find the party that pulls the trigger on that, until they're responsible. And people don't want to be responsible for those positions, especially for something that you can't prove it to be safe and effective.

Clint Griess 2:00:44 Yeah, so when you, when you, when you get your counsel to write a letter to the manufacturer, saying please provide in writing, the manufacturer will not be able to do that. And that becomes then a new level of playing with feel for the counselors when they request the information and they don't get it that really bugs them. And that really starts to you know, not them that they can't. So that's that's when they go from being disinterested to being interested. So often, unfortunately, it's not for the various reasons we've heard today, particularly you and your son's personal health situation that doesn't seem to move them but when you start talking, when you start, when they see that the the manufacturer is not responding to them.

Personally reason that really bothers them. So that's one thing you can do. A couple of things you can do.

But it's all as we've learned on this teleconference, from advice from so many people, it's about finding an advocate on finding getting building relationships within if you're definitely not gonna go to the courts and you're not gonna go the ballot box you're gonna directly lobby counselors and commissioners and bureaucrats of all kinds you need to find somebody who's an ally, and then you work with that person to create more of a consensus and then ultimately get them writing letters to the fluoridation chemical manufacturers, or in your case, to the upstream water utility. Well, thank you so much.

Dr. Bill Wolf 2:02:24 You're quite welcome, Audrey.

Clint Griess 2:02:28 Alright, folks, it's, it's now past. This past time we've run over time. I don't know if I got to everybody. I apologize if I didn't. I can't believe the time has flown again. Get back together again in a month from now that so look for an invitation for the July 2016 International Ford free teleconference. And this is for everybody. Please feel free to send me an email, if any kind of feedback or advice or suggested topics, anything if you need help getting online if you need any, anything if you need help, getting in contact with our speaker today or any other speakers from previous teleconferences. Just please feel free to write me that all you need to do is reply to the invitation emails that you receive.

James Robert Deal 2:03:20 Well, thank you again, Dr. Wolf.

Clint Griess 2:03:22 He stayed with us the whole time. We really appreciate your dedication to us all today.

Dr. Bill Wolf 2:03:28 It was a great group of people here really gave me gave me some inspiration being on the call. Really. Great, great, great, great.

Clint Griess 2:03:41 Well, now we're going to end the teleconference of official part of the teleconference and if you care to stay on the line, otherwise, thank you again and I'll see you next time. Goodbye.

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