A Nation of Cowards

Guest: Dana Berliner


A commonly held perception is that America is a nation of tough competitors. Just give us a free enterprise system with no governmental interference and we will prosper and provide for our families. Perhaps that was once the case but no more. We’ve become a nation of cowards who are fearful of competition and insecure in our own abilities. There is no better proof of this than the system of occupational licensing in every state. Americans in every profession and occupation have pulled up the drawbridge. Once they are safely inside the castle, they keep others out. Why else would three states insist on licensing interior designers, other than to prevent newcomers from entering that occupation? It’s the same for funeral attendants, florists, and home entertainment installers. No organization has done more to defend the right of a worker to earn an honest living without the need for expensive licensing fees and needless schooling that the Institute for Justice. To discuss the work of IJ and its new study on how occupational licensing hurts low income workers, Bob will be joined by Dana Berliner, Litigation Director of the IJ. What you learn will enrage you.