Abolish the FBI

Abolish the FBI

Harvey Silverglate
Show Date
October 16, 2022
ConstitutionLaw EnforcementCorruption
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Oct 10, 2022 5:06 PM
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Whenever the government finds itself in an embarrassing scandal, we hear calls for reforms. The word “accountability” is thrown around – as if it meant something– when we all know to expect more of the same ineptitude and corruption.

Talk of “reforming” law enforcement agencies like the FBI is even more ridiculous in light of their seeming immunity from criticism – even after being caught lying in case after case (look no further than the Whitey Bulger case for proof).

“We need an entirely new agency and a director who has no history of having worked in or with the FBI,” Silverglate says. He joins me this Sunday to explain how the agency has gotten away with murder – in some cases literally – and regularly robs citizens of their rights through its weaponized interview process.

Did you know that FBI agent are forbidden from interviewing a witness in the presence of a tape recorder? Find out why, this Sunday, on the show of ideas.


August 10, 2022 Compact Magazine, by Harvey Silverglate