Applied Libertarianism with Gary Collins


Bob Zadek will return on Sunday, October 27.

Last week, show producer Charlie Deist interviewed Michael Ostrolenk of #ORadio on “post-conventional” approaches to living, and the idea of gaining independence by exiting the dysfunctional “corporate state” system altogether.

This week, he speaks with the poster child for this kind of radical independence – a man who chose to leave his government job, sell his home (at a loss), and build a new debt-free life from the ground up – literally – on a remote plot of land in Washington State.

Gary Collins is the best-selling author of the Simple Life series, Going off the Grid, and Living Off the Grid.

His books are written to help others achieve the same lessons that he has had to learn from hard experience.

In this episode, Charlie and Gary discuss:

  • The costs and rewards of adopting an off-grid lifestyle.
  • Why building to regulatory code still makes sense (even if no one is checking while you build).
  • Why the biggest threats to freedom don’t come from government, but the areas of our lives we can control, like physical health and financial responsibility.

Tune in this Sunday and be sure to check out the Your Better Life podcast, hosted by Gary.