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January 2011
Gambling: Hypocrisy in America
No Guest
Gambling Individual Rights Monopolies
January 17, 2011
The Constitution As Scripture
No Guest
Constitution Founders
January 10, 2011
Solutions for Balancing the Budget
Brian Darling
Debt Government Waste Heritage Foundation Taxes
January 31, 2011
Farming Subsidies
Chris Edwards
Federal Government Free Markets
January 24, 2011
February 2011
Founders Weren't Libertarians
Dan Cluchey
Founders Obama
February 21, 2011
March 2011
Whose Body is it, Anyway?
Dr. Nancy Sheper-Hughes
Individual RightsFree Markets
March 7, 2011
No Guest
Arts Funding Government Waste
March 21, 2011
Energy Policy is a Dirty Business!
No Guest
Environmentalism Federal Government Politics
March 28, 2011
April 2011
Straight Talk with Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
Foreign Policy Politicians
April 4, 2011
Atlas Shrugged
David Kelley
Atlas Society Ayn Rand Objectivism
April 11, 2011
May 2011
Fire All Government Workers
Adrian Moore
May 23, 2011
Immigration Reform Is Broken
Elise Foley
Federalism Immigration
May 16, 2011
June 2011
Voters and Politicians- Who's Picking Who?
Jessica Levinson
June 27, 2011
Nick Gillespie – The Voice of Reason
Nick Gillespie
June 20, 2011
George Washington Was Our Guest
Thomas Fleming
Founders George Washington Presidential Power Thomas Jefferson
June 6, 2011
July 2011
Crime Down: Prison Costs Up
Veronique de Rugy
Big Government Civil Liberties
July 10, 2011
It's not the Deficit, Stupid
Dave Shellenberger
Debt Founders
July 17, 2011
Environmentalism- The Libertarian Way
Dr. Mary Ruwart
July 24, 2011
The Second American Revolution – NOW
Don Boudreaux
July 31, 2011
August 2011
Planes, Trains, Automobiles AND Free Markets
Shirley Ybarra
August 21, 2011
Is the US the Next Enron?
Gabriel Chin
August 14, 2011
Obama Nationalizes General Electric
Luigi Zingales
Capitalism Crony Capitalism Entrepreneurship
August 7, 2011
Hollywood: Obama's Ministry of Propaganda
Ben Shapiro
Arts Funding Democracy
August 28, 2011
September 2011
Is Your Alma Mater a Soviet Gulag?
Harvey Silverglate
Constitution Education Thomas Jefferson
September 18, 2011
The Unemployed. Lazy, unlucky or victims?
Arthur Delaney
Capitalism Minimum Wage
September 11, 2011
Whose Loophole Is It, Anyway?
Joe Thorndike
September 25, 2011
October 2011
Who Should Be President and Why?
Thomas Fleming
October 2, 2011
Economic Freedom is Poverty's Only Remedy
Hadley Heath
October 16, 2011
Wall Street Occupiers- What They Want
Professor James W. Lark III
October 30, 2011
Cops Are No Better Than Criminals
Mike Riggs
October 23, 2011