Atlas Shrugged

David Kelley
Show Date
April 11, 2011
Atlas Society Ayn Rand Objectivism
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Guest: David Kelley

How did she know? 55 years ago, Ayn Rand published Atlas Shrugged, which was rated by Book of the Month Club as the second most influential book of all time. Today, our country is actually living in the hellish world which Rand described. Government owned auto companies; government run mortgage companies; suffocating government policies stifling entrepreneurship; tax policies and regulations controlling the free market, with “freeloaders” and “moochers” rewarded with the fruits of the labors of the “producers.” In celebration of the April 15th movie premier of Atlas Shrugged- Part 1, Bob discussed the woman behind the epic novel with David Kelley, President of The Atlas Society (, the organization formed to promote Rand’s philosophy. The movie and the resulting buzz could affect our future as much as the book has. Justice Clarence Thomas, Alan Greenspan, and John Stossel have been her followers. Find out why. This Sunday at noon (Pacific).