Obama Nationalizes General Electric

Luigi Zingales
Show Date
August 7, 2011
Capitalism Crony Capitalism Entrepreneurship
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Guest: Luigi Zingales


Did you see this headline? Probably not, since it was never written. However, it has happened. Not just with GE but with General Motors, Big Oil and many other American business icons. Crony Capitalism has replaced the free market. Business/ government cross breeding has created business mutants which look like business but act like government. In this episode, Bob is joined by University of Chicago economics professor Luigi Zingales. Together they discuss “Saving Capitalism From the Capitalists,” which happens to be the title of Dr. Zingales’ recent book and says it all. Capitalism is being destroyed from within. We’re losing our entrepreneurial spirit. American business is too dependent on government and with governmental support comes governmental control. Is it too late?