The Constitution As Scripture

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January 10, 2011
Constitution Founders
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The reading of the text of the Constitution on opening day of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has brought out the smarmy worst of the effete keepers of the Progressive flame. NY Times’ E J Dionne writes “An examination of the Constitution that views it as something other than the books of Genesis or Leviticus would be good for the country.” Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner claims that the reading cost $1,071,872.87. Washington Post’s Ezra Klein – the Constitution is not a clear document. This Sunday at noon, Bob will counter all the Constitutional trash talk point by point and give the Constitution’s 4,543 words and the 55 Founders who wrote it the respect they deserve. The Constitution has given us 224 years of freedom but its under attack. When Ben Franklin was asked after the Constitution was written what kind of government it provided, he said “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Join Bob this Sunday at noon to help keep our Republic as it was given to us.