Wall Street Occupiers- What They Want

Professor James W. Lark III
Show Date
October 30, 2011
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Guest: Professor James W. Lark III


Occupy here. Occupy there. Don’t you wonder who are the occupiers are and what it is that they want? What if you learned that you actually agreed with most of their demands? You’d have to take back all those nasty things you may have been thinking about them. Bob thinks that Libertarians have more in common with the occupiers than meets the eye. In any event, it’s time to look past the makeshift tents, the litter and the scruffy out-of-work college students to find the group’s core principles. In this episode, Bob is joined by Professor James W. Lark III, math professor, Libertarian and adviser to the Liberty Coalition. An hour with Bob and Professor Lark and you might be packing your bags to go and occupy somewhere! Content. Fun. Peerspective.