Who Should Be President and Why?

Thomas Fleming
Show Date
October 2, 2011
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Guest: Thomas Fleming


The Presidential election costs about a billion dollars and it captures our attention for 15 months. Debates are held, we review the voting records of candidates, check their IQs, college transcripts, the intensity of their faith, relationships with spouses and core beliefs. With all this, one can only wonder if the process produces the best President. Do we as voters and as a nation know which qualities produce the best Chief Executive? In this episode, Bob spends an hour with Thomas Fleming, a presidential scholar who is also one of our greatest living historians and he explains what history can reveal about the nature the Presidency. As Santayana has taught us, β€œThose who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.” An hour with Thomas Fleming goes by like 5 minutes. You’ll not want to miss this timely show.