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January 2012
The Triumph of Principle Over Politics
Gary Johnson
Democracy Foreign Policy
January 23, 2012
Who Speaks For Us? Meet the Candidates
Carl Person
January 9, 2012
February 2012
High Speed Bankruptcy – The California Way
Adrian Moore
February 13, 2012
Is this the Year of the Libertarian?
Mark Hinkle
February 27, 2012
Who Knows What Kids Need: Parents or Bureaucrats?
Arwynn Gilroy
February 20, 2012
March 2012
Property Rights of the Politically Powerful
Bill Maurer
Constitution Federalism Institute for Justice
March 26, 2012
If You're a Suspected "Terrorist" Obama Can Throw Away the Key
Jim Garrison
Foreign Policy Presidential Power
March 12, 2012
Gay Marriage, Polygamy, Sex Discrimination and Why I'm Not Socially Conservative
Ilya Somin
March 19, 2012
April 2012
Does John Fitzgerald Have Libertar
John Fitzgerald
Constitution Democracy Libertarian
April 30, 2012
Can A Corporation Have An Anxiety AttacGuest: Jeffrey Clements
Jeffrey Clements
Constitution Crony Capitalism Free Markets
April 23, 2012
Occupy Movement – What Does It Tell Us About America?
Anthony Fisher
April 2, 2012
Who's Looking Out for Us?
Larry Klayman
Constitution Government Health Insurance
April 16, 2012
May 2012
High Speed Bankruptcy – The California Way
Adrian Moore
Transportation Unions
May 28, 2012
As California Goes, So Goes the Nation
Arlyne Diamond
Local Government Regulatory Agencies
May 21, 2012
No They Can't
John Stossel
Big GovernmentEducationGovernment Health InsuranceLicensingMinimum WageFree Markets
May 14, 2012
John Stossel
John Stossel
May 13, 2012
June 2012
Meet the Next Vice President
Judge Jim Gray
June 3, 2012
If He Wins, We All Win
Andrew Ian Dodge
June 10, 2012
Repeal the 17th Amendment?
Todd Zywicki
June 24, 2012
A Nation of Cowards
Dana Berliner
Institute for Justice Licensing
June 17, 2012
July 2012
Home Ownership - The American Nightmare
Anthony Randazzo
July 22, 2012
America's Student Loan Problem
Arvin Vohra
Debt Education
July 8, 2012
Businessmen Favor A Minimum Wage Increase?
Lew Prince
Capitalism Entrepreneurship Minimum Wage
July 29, 2012
Manny Klausner - A Libertarian Life
Manny Klausner
Institute for Justice Libertarian Supreme Court
July 2, 2012
August 2012
The Deficit – The Cause; The Effect; The Cure
Ted Lacksonen
Ayn Rand Crony Capitalism
August 26, 2012
The Year of the Libertarian
Judge Jim Gray
August 19, 2012
An Ayn Rand Hour
Harmon Kaslow
Atlas Society Ayn Rand
August 12, 2012
GE – The Queen of Welfare Queens
Tad DeHaven
Big Government Crony Capitalism
August 5, 2012
September 2012
Throw the Bums Out – Or Term Limit Them
Phil Blumel
Democracy Thomas Jefferson
September 9, 2012
Cops and Robbers- A New Variation of an Old Theme
Scott Alexander Meiner
Civil Liberties Local Government Regulatory Agencies
September 16, 2012
Islam & Libertarianism. Are They Compatible?
Imad Aldean "Dean" Ahmad
Foreign Policy
September 23, 2012
October 2012
Was The Ratification of the Constitution A Mistake?
Tom Fleming
Constitution Founders George Washington John Adams
October 21, 2012
The Morality of Capitalism
Dr. Tom G. Palmer
Capitalism Crony Capitalism
October 28, 2012