America's Student Loan Problem

Arvin Vohra
Show Date
July 8, 2012
Debt Education
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Guest: Arvin Vohra

Evidence from the student loan crisis would lead us to believe that a root cause of our economic doldrums stems from a shortage of anthropologists, fine arts majors and women’s studies experts. That must be why our federal government subsidizes the loans taken out by students with these majors. The reality is that college graduates owe almost a trillion dollars in student loans and almost all of it is guaranteed by Washington. If the holder of an ethnic studies degree cannot find meaningful employment (how could they?) and defaults, you and I pick up the tab. In this episode, Bob welcomes Arvin Vohra to his show. Arvin is the Libertarian candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 5th CD, the seat now held by Stenny Hoyer: the Democratic House Minority Whip. Arvin is an educator and a published author including “Lies, Damn Lies and College Admissions.” Bob and Arvin discuss student loan bailouts, bank bailouts and retail politics. Meet one of the rising Libertarian stars.