As California Goes, So Goes the Nation

Arlyne Diamond
Show Date
May 21, 2012
Local Government Regulatory Agencies
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Guest: Arlyne Diamond

California is in a fiscal free-fall, led by a clueless governor and an entrenched, pro-union legislature. Why does the rest of the country care? Because what happens here is likely to happen in your state . . it’ll just take a bit longer. As Woody Allen famously observed, it happened with “right on red” and it’ll happen with fiscal insanity. Unless, of course, the other states learn from our mistakes. This is a make-or-break election for California and for the nation. Now that redistricting in California has opened up many seats to newcomers, we are seeing more non-professional politicians and examining their positions on issues Libertarians care about – immigration, public service unions, minimum wage laws, health care regulation, guns, drug legalization, campaign finance, and the many other issues which are avoided by the mainstream media. In this episode, Bob is delighted to welcome Arlyne Diamond, candidate for California state assembly from Silicon Valley. The California open primary makes the June election important. Bob hopes this interview will be the template for testing candidates around the country on their Libertarian creds. Live. Unrehearsed. Unedited. Raw. Radio at its best. Don’t miss it.