Businessmen Favor A Minimum Wage Increase?

Lew Prince
Show Date
July 29, 2012
Capitalism Entrepreneurship Minimum Wage
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Guest: Lew Prince


Is there anything more rare than an entrepreneur who favors higher wages and higher taxes? Believe it or not, a group of them have formed an organization called Business for Shared Prosperity ( Tomorrow at noon Pacific Time, you’ll have a chance to meet Lew Prince, learn his progressive position on these anti-free market issues and challenge (or support) his position. Lew is the successful founder and Managing Partner of Vintage Vinyl in St Louis. They sell vintage vinyl records (remember records?). Minimum wage laws and the Buffett Rule will be debated and discussed (amongst other things). Who knows? Maybe we’ll discuss Alan Fried or Cousin Brucie? In any event, Capitalism and rock n’roll.. What a great way to enrich your weekend. Radio at its laissez faire best. 901 AM in the SF Bay Area. on line. Call in 800-345-5639 to support Bob or Lew.