Cops and Robbers- A New Variation of an Old Theme

Scott Alexander Meiner
Show Date
September 16, 2012
Civil Liberties Local Government Regulatory Agencies
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Guest: Scott Alexander Meiner


How can Americans have respect for law and order when all cops, feds, DEA and anyone else with a badge and a gun can take and keep a citizen’s property with due process and an infinitesimal amount of judicial oversight? That is how it works: compliments of a billion dollar and nationwide abuse called civil asset forfeiture. Though it was originally enacted to combat illegal trafficking in drugs, it’s expanded to become a budget enhancer for law enforcement. Why wear a ski mask and steal in the dead of night when you can wear a badge, earn a nice salary and achieve the same result? If you think this ranting hyperbole,tune in to this episode to get the story from Scott Alexander Meiner of the American for Forfeiture Reform. Guaranteed to make you change your mind. The inmates are minding the asylum.