GE – The Queen of Welfare Queens

Tad DeHaven
Show Date
August 5, 2012
Big Government Crony Capitalism
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Guest: Tad DeHaven

Remember Reagan’s 1976 Presidential campaign where he referred to a mythical “welfare queen” living on Chicago’s West Side? Although she did not exist, the image was vivid and descriptive. Today, the paradigm has shifted to include to a more elusive group of welfare queens living off governmental largesse of an estimated $100 billion annually. As both major political parties continually grow their royal treasuries, it is at the expense of the rest of us (the serfs). Tad DeHaven has authored “Corporate Welfare in the Federal Budget” and he shares what he has learned with Bob. As Tad explains, the welfare payments take many forms; from tax preferences to monopoly-creating regulations to free trade barriers. And we pay, and pay, and pay, through higher prices, fewer choices and less opportunity. Is the free market dying a slow death? Can crony capitalism be stopped? How much of that $100 billion comes out of your pocket?