Home Ownership - The American Nightmare

Anthony Randazzo
Show Date
July 22, 2012
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Guest: Anthony Randazzo

George Bush famously stated he wanted to establish “the ownership society” in America. His concept specifically included the owning of a home. The American Dream, while defined in 1931 in lofty terms, has been downgraded over time to be equated to home ownership. What a cruel hoax. Home ownership has become a nightmare for many Americans, once the political class hyped it as a tool to remain in power. The feds have been the “snake oil salesmen” of housing. How did this happen and what’s the fix? In this episode, Bob talks to Reason Foundation’s Anthony Randazzo, who knows all these answers. Should we rename your neighborhood “Federal Acres?” Perhaps. 910 AM in the SF Bay Area. www.newstalk910.com. If your dwelling is something other than a used appliance carton, you’ll not want to miss this show.