If You're a Suspected "Terrorist" Obama Can Throw Away the Key

Jim Garrison
Show Date
March 12, 2012
Foreign Policy Presidential Power
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Guest: Jim Garrision


There is no more compelling argument for voters to leave the Democratic and the Republican parties and vote Libertarian than the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act. Can you imagine a federal statute which (i) violates key provisions of the Constitution, (ii) allows for the incarceration of Americans for no reason other than the whim of the President and (3) allows for the President to kill American citizens without due process; without a trial? Despite bi-partisan opposition and despite his own reservations, Obama has signed just such a bill. If you get on the bad side of the President, you had better go into hiding. As Jim Garrision has written, this bill will signal β€œthe death knell of our constitutional republic and the formal inception of a legalized police state in the United States.” In this episode, Jim Garrison joins Bob to explore this unprecedented expansion of Presidential power and the threat it presents to each citizen’s life and liberty. How did this scary bill become law and what can we do about it?