Islam & Libertarianism. Are They Compatible?

Imad Aldean "Dean" Ahmad
Show Date
September 23, 2012
Foreign Policy
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Guest: Imad Aldean β€œDean” Ahmad


Is it counterintuitive to speak of Islam and Libertarianism at the same time? It seems like these two belief systems have nothing in common. Or do they? US foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, has become too important to be ignored by our show. In this episode, Bob warmly welcomes Imad Aldean β€œDean” Ahmad as his guest to demystify Islam and show how much its followers have in common with liberty-loving Libertarians. Dr. Ahmad has published many books on Islam and spent much of his life teaching it in colleges and universities. He is also a committed Libertarian. No one is better suited to bridge the Libertarian/Islam divide (if there is one) than Dr. Ahmad. This is a one of a kind broadcast. Learn what is really behind the recent sacking of our embassies and the killing of our Ambassador.