Property Rights of the Politically Powerful

Bill Maurer
Show Date
March 26, 2012
Constitution Federalism Institute for Justice
Institute for Justice
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Guest: Bill Maurer


The 5th Amendment to the Constitution, a part of the Bill of Rights, denies the government the power to take your property except for β€œpublic use.” Property rights are a core part of our political fabric. With these β€œrights,” our entire economic system would fail. Unfortunately, political power and cronyism have converged, with the assistance of the courts, to allow local governments to confiscate private property for no other reason than to give it to someone else! Eminent domain is a potent and sometimes unchecked power which continues to be abused by corrupt and ambitious local officials who transfer wealth to their well connected friends. Help may be on the way. . . or is it? In this episode, Bob is joined by Bill Maurer of the Institute for Justice to discuss instances in which government has taken private property. It’s an issue which calls into question the allocation of power between the states and Washington. The issue involves the unfair destruction of vibrant minority communities and pits courts against elected officials and citizens against our government. In short, the fur will fly.