The Triumph of Principle Over Politics

Gary Johnson
Show Date
January 23, 2012
Democracy Foreign Policy
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Guest: Gary Johnson


When Gary Johnson first started competing in the Republican Presidential primary battle, Bob knew he was a candidate he could support based on his qualifications and beliefs; not because of his party affiliation. At last, there was a candidate who would not disappoint; one whose principles were clear. Most importantly, he had no political baggage and was electable. What Bob did not consider was the cynicism of the Republican Party and their manipulation of the rules so as to exclude Governor Johnson from most debates and the power of mainstream media (particularly Fox News) to deny him coverage. Governor Johnson strategically redefined his candidacy for the Presidential nomination by running as a Libertarian and Bob is delighted to welcome him back to the show to discuss this important decision. Governor Johnson discusses third party politics and he discuss the likely differences between the Democratic and Republican platforms vs. the Libertarian platform. Current events in Afghanistan and Iraq are proving that he is right on foreign policy and the other parties are dead wrong. What are the other differences? Don’t miss this chance to present your questions to our next President. 910 AM in the SF Bay Area.Β