Throw the Bums Out – Or Term Limit Them

Phil Blumel
Show Date
September 9, 2012
Democracy Thomas Jefferson
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Guest: Phil Blumel


John Dingell has served in the House of Representatives for almost 57 years. Charlie Rangel and Pete Stark weigh in at 41+ years. Not quite what the founders had in mind when they conceived of a citizen legislature. Thomas Jefferson strongly favored term limits for our elected officials. Do you? Why not allow voters to pick who they want, even if they want to re-elect the same person over and over . . . and over? Isn’t that democracy? This is a hard issue which transcends party lines and political philosophy. Phil Blumel, President of US Term Limits, knows the answer. He advocates for term limits for all federal and state office holders and fears the worst if we don’t get it. In this episode, Phil and Bob discuss this difficult but important issue. Bob hasn’t made up his mind on this. Will Phil convince him? Will he convince you?