Who Knows What Kids Need: Parents or Bureaucrats?

Arwynn Gilroy
Show Date
February 20, 2012
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Guest: Arwynn Gilroy

Charter schools were first envisioned by Milton Friedman and they are the most exciting development in education since the blackboard. The issue is so basic – shouldn’t parents, as the purchasers of education for their kids, be allowed to vote with their dollars on which school will be the education provider? Or should it be determined on where they happen to live? The question begets the answer and is shaking up the public education establishment. Finally: a free market approach to education. Choice for parents. In this episode, Bob is joined by Arwynn Gilroy, Communications Director and Director of Program Management at BASIS Educational Group in Scottsdale Arizona. BASIS is a leading owner and manager of charter schools. Arwynn shares her first-hand experiences in the establishment of charter schools in the country and explains why school competition is essential to the future of our country. If you are a kid, have a kid or were ever a kid, you’ll not want to miss this show. Teachers’ union – you’re toast!