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January 2013
Thugs and Gangsters – The Real Story of the Boston Tea Party
Harlow Giles Unger
American Revolution Constitution
January 6, 2013
February 2013
The Ugly Truth about Voting
Linda Paine
February 24, 2013
First, Rio: Next, Small Town America
Mimi Steele
Big Government Central Planning Environmentalism
February 10, 2013
March 2013
A War Being Fought Today – On American Soil!
Paul Feine
March 10, 2013
Whose Transportation System Is It Anyway?
Bob Poole
Free Markets Transportation
March 18, 2013
Where is Everyone Going?
Travis Brown
March 24, 2013
April 2013
You Must Join
Stan Greer
April 21, 2013
We Are All Libertarians
Judge Jim Gray
April 14, 2013
Get Paid More Than You're Worth – What A Deal!
Linda Gorman
Minimum Wage
April 7, 2013
May 2013
War – A Rationale For Extra-Constitutional Power?
Chris Preble
Constitution Foreign Policy
May 12, 2013
Let Them All In
Alex Nowrasteh
May 5, 2013
June 2013
Is America A Good Investment?
Pat Vitucci
Bay Area Free Markets
June 23, 2013
I Want My Cheetos!
Jayson Lusk
Founders Free Markets Regulatory Agencies
June 2, 2013
Libertarians Plead: Come In From The Cold
No Guest
Big Government Constitution
June 16, 2013
July 2013
Zimmerman Trial – It Is Not About Race
Jacob Sullum
July 21, 2013
Who Cares About Taxes
Jonathan Bydlak
Corruption Crony Capitalism Taxes
July 28, 2013
August 2013
Is The Media Weakening Democracy?
Ben Swann
Constitution Democracy Founders Media
August 11, 2013
Driverless Cars Are The New Horseless Carriages
Greg Beato
InnovationPrivacyTechnologyFree Markets
August 25, 2013
Should We Bring Telegrams Back?
Ed Hudgins
August 4, 2013
Immigrants - The Ultimate Entrepreneurs
Alex Nowrasteh
Entrepreneurship Immigration
August 18, 2013
September 2013
A Party for Everyone – FinallyAttention all voters! Which party embodies crony capitalism, interventionist foreign policy and the regulation of the most private aspects of our lives? Most importantly, which party ignores each of us as an individual; only to replace personal responsibility with government dictated behavior? The answer of course is, the Republicans AND the Democrats. The narcotic of political power intoxicates both of these parties and they are obsessed with its accumulation.
Tim Carney
September 29, 2013
California Dreamin' – About Sane Government
Steve Greenhut
Big Government California Local Government
September 1, 2013
Will Americans Accept Second Class Medicine?
Dr. Jeffrey Singer
Government Health Insurance Healthcare
September 15, 2013
Is America Doomed by Voter Ignorance?
Ilya Somin
Democracy Politics
September 22, 2013
October 2013
ALEC – Hated by Dick Durbin. Need I Say More?
Will Freeland
Federalism First Amendment Lobbyists Washington DC
October 20, 2013
America Has Defaulted. Not To Our Creditors But To Our Kids
Bill Damon
October 6, 2013
JFK a Democrat? You've Gotta Be Kidding
Ira Stoll
Politicians Presidents
October 13, 2013
Posse Comitatus – Repealed but Not Gone
Radley Balko
Law Enforcement Military
October 27, 2013