ALEC – Hated by Dick Durbin. Need I Say More?

Will Freeland
Show Date
October 20, 2013
Federalism First Amendment Lobbyists Washington DC
Tax Foundation
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Guest: Will Freeland


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a membership organization for businesses that promote Limited Government, Free Markets and Federalism. Pretty subversive, don’t you think? Senator Dick Durbin certainly thinks so, and he is on a vendetta to destroy it. He also plans to eradicate the First Amendment in the process. What is this all about? And how does ALEC protect all of us from the creep of Progressivism? ALEC is the most important organization you’ve never heard about - until you hear this podcast. Will Freeland who works with ALEC and with the Tax Foundation and has written extensively on federalism and tax reform, joins Bob to give details. Are the states the last best protection of our free society (Washington is a hopeless write off in this regard)? What are the seven great myths told about tax policy, Federalism, Freedom, Free Markets?