Driverless Cars Are The New Horseless Carriages

Greg Beato
Show Date
August 25, 2013
InnovationPrivacyTechnologyFree Markets
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Guest: Greg Beato


Some older Americans are having trouble adjusting to social media and iPhones. That change is minor compared to the shift in perception they will need to get used to a country of driverless cars. This is not fantasy. They are in production; soon to be on the showroom floor and their arrival will portend nearly incomprehensible changes in our lives. Your garage will house a smart phone on wheels. Forget privacy, it will know whose home you’ve stopped at, your driving patterns and much more. This information will be tracked by Google, probably the government, and perhaps everyone else. So long to chauffeurs, bus drivers and taxi drivers. We’ll still have the cabs, just no drivers. Speed limits will be a thing of the past. The only cause of accidents will be humans. Mothers Against Drunk Driving will become Mothers Against Human Driving. Greg Beato joined Bob to discuss this topic. Greg has written for dozens of publications, including SPIN, Wired, Business 2.0, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Driverless cars will change your life… but for better or for worse?