First, Rio: Next, Small Town America

Mimi Steele
Show Date
February 10, 2013
Big Government Central Planning Environmentalism
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Guest: Mimi Steele

It started in Rio in 1992, when members of the UN Conference on Environment and Development produced ICLEI, the committee dedicated to using “planning” to push local governments to commit to “sustainable development.” You will learn to fear the outcome of that conference, as it means that unelected and distant bureaucrats are able to use your property as they see fit, resulting in the loss of the character of your community. And it’s happening in the shadows! To shed light on the scourge of compulsory sustainable development, Bob is delighted to welcome Mimi Steele to be his guest on the show today at noon. Mimi is affiliated with the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights and she is a leader in the fight to protect us against our property which is threatened to be “planned away” from all of us.