I Want My Cheetos!

Jayson Lusk
Show Date
June 2, 2013
Founders Free Markets Regulatory Agencies
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Guest: Jayson Lusk

James Madison considered food regulation “little short of madness.” When France tried to ban the eating of potatoes, Jefferson noted that such a ban allowed fallible leaders with their own prejudices to employ “coercion” over the French diet. Does this sound true to you, Mayor Bloomberg? The reach of governmental regulation extends right into our gullet, dictating what we are allowed to eat. Salt? Absolutely not. Sugar? No way. Raw milk? Don’t be silly. Jayson Lusk, professor of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University and author of “The Food Police,” will join Bob this Sunday with a menu of outrageous and scientifically unjustifiable laws and regulations which will enrage you… and help you plan your next meal. You’ll learn that your stomach is not your own. Don’t miss it.