Is America A Good Investment?

Pat Vitucci
Show Date
June 23, 2013
Bay Area Free Markets
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Guest: Pat Vitucci

America is a rough place to invest. Understanding financial matters certainly helps, but how can an investor manage her financial affairs if one sentence by a governmental official can make every decision wrong? Look what happened this week. Bernanke opened his mouth and the equity markets tanked. Government is the wild card, as it seeks to subordinate the importance of an individual’s decisions. The individual disappears into the collective. And if you have any doubt about the government as swindler – look no further than social security. Retirement accounts? Obama wants to tax them into oblivion. To discuss all of this and more, Bob’s guest will be investment advisor Pat Vitucci, founder of Bay Area Financial Advisors. He will explain the political and financial landscape that keep his clients afloat. This episode will help you claw your way through the political minefield and into the 1%. Also, the Libertarian spin on food stamps and cell phones on planes is discussed. 90 intense minutes. Don’t miss it.