Libertarians Plead: Come In From The Cold

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June 16, 2013
Big Government Constitution
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The Founders gave us the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which was intended to protect Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures. The measure was drawn from the Biblical concept that “a man’s home is his castle.” However, the government now believes it can legally and secretly accumulate and preserve intimate aspects of our lives just in case it might need them someday. We were not invited to discuss and debate it. We were not even told about it until a whistleblower (or if you are so inclined, a traitor) disclosed it all. The issues in the “NSA Controversy” are enormous. How did we lose our right to privacy? What protections do we have against Big Brother? Is any of this legal? To what extent should we simply rely on Obama’s request to “trust them?” This issue transcends party lines, transcends political philosophies and transcends age demographics. Who is watching you and do you care?