War – A Rationale For Extra-Constitutional Power?

Chris Preble
Show Date
May 12, 2013
Constitution Foreign Policy
Cato Institute
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Guest: Chris Preble

“War” is the ultimate political cover for the unconstitutionally excessive exercise of governmental power. Any politician addicted to the wielding of power has discovered that war is the perfect narcotic; the ideal cover. Just find an enemy, declare war on them, or it (i.e. “terrorism,” “poverty,” “drugs”) and a world of weapons and powers becomes available. Then, as in the case of the war of terror, the authorization by our President to kill American citizens on foreign soil becomes possible, eavesdropping without warrants is accepted, and travel restrictions become standard. Add drones to this mix and much of the values which define us are eroded. In this episode, Bob is joined by Chris Preble, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Studies at The Cato Institute. Chis has studied the profound effect of drones on foreign and domestic policy, the erosions of national borders and the threats to our privacy. Bob and Chris will also discuss cyber war, what it is and what it is not. The so- called “main stream media” has ignored this issue which transcends party lines and changes all of us from citizens to subjects. This is too important to miss.