You Must Join

Stan Greer
Show Date
April 21, 2013
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Guest: Stan Greer


It is hard to imagine words that are less American. Our Bill of Rights assures us freedom of association and the right to join or not join any group. Of course, if you are a group which many are not especially fond of or a group which many oppose, the only way to insure membership growth is to have membership required. That is how unions seek to preserve their strength, or what is left of it. In 26 states (and declining) states permit “closed shops,” where union contracts require an employer to fire any employee who refuses to join a union. How else does government tilt the playing field so as to insure that workers are forced to support unions, even when their conscience and wallets dictate otherwise? In this episode, Stan Greer, Senior Research Associate for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research shows the insidious ways that unions survive only by undermining the protections guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. You’ll get angry, but you’ll understand why Libertarians and unions cannot co-exist.