Zimmerman Trial – It Is Not About Race

Jacob Sullum
Show Date
July 21, 2013
Reason Magazine
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Guest: Jacob Sullum


The verdict is in. The media frenzy is starting to die down. The President has spoken. Regretfully, Eric Holder is still looking to get some political mileage out of it. What can be said about the Zimmerman/Martin affair? All we know with certainty is that George Zimmerman was not convicted of murder or manslaughter or any other crime under Florida law in his killing of Trayvon Martin. We pretty much know that this event says little about β€œrace in America,” despite the claims of the President and the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, two of the more racist public figures seeking to exploit the event. We know that the rest of the Political/Racist Complex is milking this for all it is worth. But what are the real lessons? What does all of this tell us about America? Bob’s guest will be Jacob Sullum, a Senior Editor at Reason Magazine and a nationally syndicated columnist, who has written objectively and thoughtfully on the events in Florida. He will share the aspects of this affair, which the media has all but ignored – double jeopardy and the real racial issues. Listen Sunday at noon to hear what the media does not know or does not mention.