A Conservative on Broadway? David Marcus on Funding of the Arts

David Marcus
Show Date
June 1, 2014
Arts Arts Funding Big Government
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Guest: David Marcus


One year ago, actor and director David Marcus wrote a piece for Narrative.ly on what it’s like to be openly conservative in the hyper-liberal realm of the arts. Having never been “blacklisted” himself, Marcus encouraged other conservative artists to follow his lead. Within six months of the article’s publication, news emerged about an actress who was pressured into resigning from a San Francisco theater production for vocalizing her conservative views. During the same period, the IRS was revealed to have targeted an association of Hollywood conservatives for special investigation. Meanwhile, the Federal government skews arts funding in favor of progressive interests – satisfying elite preferences at the expense of taxpayers who often can’t even afford the final product. Marcus wants to ensure that individual artists can promote their unique values on a level playing field, and is now seeking answers from the incoming chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, Jane Chu. Marcus joined Bob to discuss how fellow artists/entrepreneurs can take back the arts. Where to begin? How about offering quality entertainment at an affordable price?