America, The Most Sexually Hypocritical Nation on Earth

Maggie McNeill
Show Date
February 17, 2014
Cato Institute
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Guest: Maggie McNeill

Maggie McNeill, retired madam, sex worker, and a lead blogger at Cato Unbound

, joins Bob to discuss the legalization of “the oldest profession.” Why is America the only non-communist country to criminalize sex work? After all, many women expect their dates to pay for their meals and entertainment. Is that a crime? If not, how is that not prostitution? The lines between legal and illegal activity are impossibly blurred, leading to the inescapable conclusion that exchanging sex for money is only illegal if a poor woman does it. Class discrimination at its worst. These

laws infantilize and demean women, yet they remain on the books. Maggie helps us sort this out. One small step towards the end of hypocrisy about sex in America.