Has America Become an "Elective Monarchy"?

F.H. Buckley
Show Date
October 26, 2014
Constitution Presidential Power
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Guest: Frank H. Buckley

The Constitutional Convention is generally remembered as a meeting of great minds, in which governing principles for a free and lasting republic were written down in accordance with the best ideas of the day. While this account contains much truth, we might wonder why several key Framers refused to sign the final draft. In his new book, “The Once and Future King: The Rise and Fall of Crown Government,” Frank H. Buckley describes in detail the long struggle toward compromise that produced the original U.S. Constitution. Buckley's account corrects the conventional wisdom in a way that dramatically clarifies the present political situation. He will join Bob to explain how the seeds of our increasingly monarchical executive branch were planted by an unintended (but not entirely unanticipated) flaw in the document: the popular election of the president. George Mason was among those who did not sign the final draft, warning his fellow Patriots, “We are not indeed constituting a British Government, but a more dangerous monarchy, an elective one.” Is it too late to reverse course? Find out this Sunday!