How the Free Market Will Save the Planet

Walter Block
Show Date
January 13, 2014
Austrian Economics Environmentalism Free Markets
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Guest: Walter Block

Environmentalism is the natural enemy of free market capitalism. The former seems to be the socially acceptable cover used by those who seek to capture and control the world’s economic engine, in order to “save the planet.” (I wonder how much time we have until the surface of the earth looks like the set of Mad Max?) Free market capitalists (note that not every capitalist favors free markets, thus the “free market” modifier is needed) know that voluntary, un-coerced cooperation among market participants is the only system to preserve individual freedom and the environment. How does this work? Bob’s guest, Austrian economist, Libertarian, prolific writer and speaker Walter Block explains all of it in his unique and accessible style. His book “Defending the Undefendable” is a must read. Block, Hayek, Mises and more…