Is Freedom the Future of the GOP?

Edward Hudgins
Show Date
April 27, 2014
Atlas Society Democracy
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Guest: Edward Hudgins

The Republican Party is in the midst of an identity crisis as establishment leaders, social conservatives, and libertarians all vie for center stage. Will the Party fracture due to these internal divisions, or can it still produce a coherent enough vision to stop the growth of government in every area of our lives? In  “The Republican Party’s Civil War: Will Freedom Win?”, author and editor Edward Hudgins (Director of Advocacy for The Atlas Society) argues for a revival of the principles of self-governance as the moral foundation of the GOP. This rebirth, write Hudgins and his co-authors, may offer the last best chance to rescue the struggling Party, and complete the American Revolution. Hudgins  joins Bob to tell the story of how this unfinished moral revolution began — in the hearts and minds of the Founders — and explains how it can proceed in today’s polarized political environment.

Bob also stakes out the libertarian positions on hot-button social issues – abortion, gay marriage, and immigration – dispelling  the misconceptions that commonly steer popular opinion in the wrong direction. The show concludes with a report on New Jersey’s denial of an application for the license plate “8theist”. What’s at stake from a first amendment perspective?

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