Libertarianism: Past, Present, and Future

Richard Boddie
Show Date
October 12, 2014
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Guest: Richard Boddie


It has been said that with Republicans in power, man exploits man, whereas under Democrats, it’s the reverse–which is to say, just the same. Richard Boddie, a true champion of liberty, knows this all too well. Prior to finding his political home in the Libertarian Party, Boddie sought a platform for his beliefs – to little avail – in both the Republican and a Democratic parties. Born in 1938, his activism has led him down a number of different roads, from television and radio broadcasting, to seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 1992. In addition to an illustrious career spanning banking, law, higher education, and motivational speaking, Boddie has made it his aim, “to teach and share the ideas and ideals of individual achievement and individual liberty, with at least one different person, each and every day for the rest of [his] life.” He joins Bob to discuss his experiences over the years as an African American at the core of the Libertarian Party. They also examine current trends in the movement, and look to the bright spots on a gloomy political landscape still dominated by “Rs" and "Ds”.