Should Discrimination Be Compelled?

Ralph Kasarda
Show Date
July 1, 2014
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Guest: Ralph Kasarda


What has happened to the color-blind society Reverend King dreamed about? Where is the meritocracy that is presumed to be part of our ethos? Do the children of wealthy successful minority parents deserve preferences in education or government contracting merely because they are minorities, resulting in prejudice against low income and disadvantaged whites? Or is affirmative action, in all its ugliness, just another form of stealth income transfer? The last remaining pocket of discrimination in our country is practiced by government itself. Enough already. In this episode, Bob is joined by Ralph Kasarda, Staff Attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation. Ralph is a front line warrior in the fight against governmental sponsored discrimination, taking on the States of California and Hawaii and the US Department of Transportation. Isn’t it time to honor our founding principle – β€œAll men are created equal?” Bob also reviews the lessons of Election Day. Do voters compromise their self- interest by voting at all (answer is clearly β€œyes”)? Does the best candidate ever win or does the process itself prevent that? The Founders were no great fans of democracy. Were they right? What are the lessons of the first Tuesday in November 2012 and what is the most significant, most long lasting effect of the election? What is the most positive result of the election (you’ll never guess)? All tomorrow.