We Are Not Sardines. We Are People!

Jonathan Wood
Show Date
March 10, 2014
Bay Area Central Planning Environmentalism Local Government
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Guest: Jonathan Wood

Be careful, America. The “One Worlders” are on the attack, armed with stealth statutes and regulatory powers, seeking to wrest local control of our quality of life from cities and towns to unelected regulators. Bob knows this. He is living it. High rise multi-family residences are being imposed on small towns in order to save the planet and stop climate change (can you imagine anything more absurd than trying to stop the climate from changing?). California has been the forerunner of many public policy issues, from “right on red” (hooray) to a ban on plastic bags (boo). Now the usurpation of local zoning control is being tested. If it succeeds here, America will be doomed. In this episode, Bob is joined by Jonathan Wood of the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is representing ordinary citizens in a litigation to stop this planning monster in its tracks. Learn what is at stake, so you can be prepared to fight it. If you lose, your city council will be controlled by the UN!