Would You Want Obama to Be Your Doctor? He Already Is

Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Show Date
January 20, 2014
Government Health Insurance Inequality
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Guest: Brian Edwards-Tiekert

Obamacare has dominated the news for past few years and is likely to continue to on the front pages for some time to come. Despite the coverage of the broken promises, the easily hack-able healthcare.gov website, and the uncertainty of whether we have insurance or not, several issues have been ignored or insufficiently covered. Namely (i) the profound effect of O-Care on the healthcare which everyday Americans will receive, (ii) and what will happen to the very profession of medicine? The outlook is not good. It is undisputed that our medical treatment will be controlled (in the worst sense of the word) by Washington, with our doctor not exercising her best judgment, but rather merely obediently following the protocols imposed on her and on you by faceless, (and seemingly soul-less) bureaucrats. Washington’s goal is simply to keep the costs down, even it means more death and a lower quality of life. No one knows more about this than Dr. Jeff Singer, a practicing general surgeon and Cato Scholar, who has written extensively on this and has appeared in the national media. Dr. Singer joined Bob last Sunday to discuss this. Given the constraints of radio, he was not able to perform any surgical procedures for callers.

Obama’s next assault on our wallets will be “income inequality,” which will be on the evening news from now to the 2014 midterm elections. Both sides of this issue from in the last half hour by Bob and Brian Edwards-Tiekert in studio. Brian is the host of “Upfront” heard weekday mornings on the Bay Area’s leading Progressive voice, KPFA (941. FM).

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