Immigration Nation: Nowrasteh Sets it Straight Again

Alex Nowrasteh
Show Date
December 20, 2015
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Guest: Alex Nowrasteh

The last time Alex Nowrasteh joined the show, several listeners called in with concerns over Bob and Alex’s boldly open stance on immigration. As a leading immigration scholar with the Cato Institute, Nowrasteh researches, blogs, speaks, and tweets tirelessly in support of a more sane and open border policy. Bob says, “Let them all in” (with a few obvious exceptions). For each alleged issue the callers raised against open borders, Nowrasteh presented actual statistics debunking their misconceptions. You could hear their minds changing in real time. With the Republican primary heating up, we must be educated on the facts of the immigration debate in order to see through the fog of fear-based rhetoric. Bob and Alex will provide a brief history of immigration policy in the United States, and discuss the major presidential candidates' positions on a legal pathway to citizenship, i.e., "amnesty."