Floating Island Project: French Polynesia

Joe Quirk
Show Date
February 12, 2017
Bay Area Environmentalism Seasteading

When we last heard from Joe Quirk – author and “Seavangelist” for The Seasteading Institute – his visions of humanity’s oceanic future may have seemed remote to the some listeners. That, however, was in 2015. After a dizzying election year, during which all grounds for predicting the future were cast into doubt, the seasteading concept of floating free cities sounds entirely reasonable, and at least as likely as California's nascent secession scheme. Joe joins the show this Sunday after a successful diplomatic trip to French Polynesia, which led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in San Francisco last month between the Institute and the French Polynesian government. Reason’s Brian Doherty calls it an “agreement to come to an agreement” regarding the creation of a seazone in Tahitian waters with a “unique governing framework”, where the first aquapreneurs can begin seasteading as early as 2018. Is this the dawning of a Blue Revolution? Bob finds out when it will be time to ready his liveaboard yacht, The Laissez Faire, for a voyage in the near future.