G. R. Mobley on Republic Review

G. R. Mobley
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November 22, 2017
American Revolution Constitution

2016 confirmed what most libertarians suspected: national elections are not the way to roll back big government. But don’t lose hope – yet. Spokane talk radio host G. R. Mobley has a surprisingly sound plan for “saving your liberties without a national election.” It requires listeners to this program to take note, and share the message. Mobley says the Constitution is a “contract” amongst the States, “to not only create and define the general (i.e. Federal) government with limited and defined powers, but… also [to create] a perpetual union of these same States.” Per contract law, Mobley asserts that context is essential for understanding the definitions and intent of a contract — in this case, the Constitution. The Ratification Debates set the agreed upon terms, which are still vital. If one part of the contract is not being enforced, the whole contract should be void. In 2017, he says the parties to this contract (i.e., the states) need to renegotiate, through a process he calls "Republic Review." Listeners should ideally read and understand these debates, which took place between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, in and around 1787. However, a concise version appears in Bob’s new book, Secret Sauce: The Founders’ Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy. There is a path to restoring Constitutional governance, but is there a critical mass? What’s needed initially is not so much a full-fledged movement, but a small "remnant" that understands the principles of liberty, when they have ceased to resonate with the average voter. Learn what you need to know to start the ball rolling on "Republic Review."



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