Goldwater Institute & the Right to Earn a Living

The infamous case of Kelo v. City of New London turned Susette Kelo – owner of New London’s “little pink house” – into the poster child for victims of land-grabbing local governments. Her case may have failed to persuade the Supreme Court, but it set off a wave of outrage and reforms at the level of the states to prevent similar eminent domain abuses. The Goldwater Institute is Arizona’s leading free-market think-tank. It has been pivotal in advancing private property protections (among other freedoms) for the citizens of the Grand Canyon State. Following on the successful passage of the Private Property Rights Protection Act (aka Arizona Prop. 207) in 2006, Goldwater Institute Vice President of Litigation Tim Sandefur and Executive Vice President Christina Sandefur co-authored the Property Ownership Fairness Act to serve as a model for other states. The Institute wrote another law to protect the rights of those renting out their homes on the sites like Airbnb. Vacation rental owners are being targeted by regulators, who need a scapegoat to blame for rising rents (more likely due to excessive regulation). Tim joins the show to talk about the issues that led the Institute to write the act, and to discuss other topics related to the right to earn a living, and a potential solution to occupational licensing.

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