Austrian Economics Triumphs

It took less than a month for the Biden administration to start dropping bombs on the Middle East. Once again, the strikes are in Syria, in response to an alleged attack on US troops in Iraq. Now, both a Republican and Democratic President have ignored the will of the Iraqi people, who voted last year to expel all foreign troops from their country. So much for spreading democracy abroad…

What recourse does the private Iraqi or U.S. citizen have against a state power bent on intervening in distant lands? The radical libertarian must be content to drop memes – not bombs. Our peaceful pact, the non-aggression principle, prevents us from using coercion, even when the State egregiously violates the Constitution and international law.


And so we are left with ideas. Fortunately, in the long run, ideas and memes may be more powerful than bombs and fighter planes.

Jeff Deist – the eloquent and spirited President of the Mises Institute – will join me this Sunday to close out this week's celebration of #RothbardWeek, which began on the late great libertarian scholar's birthday on Monday.


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