Force as Farce: Unmasking the COVID Hypocrites

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.”

- H.L. Mencken

California is going back on lockdown – once again serving up a backwards role model of command-and-control Federalism for the rest of the country. Meanwhile, politicians like Governor Newsom and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio are epitomizing “Restrictions for thee, but not for me,” with their forced apologies for dining out and going to the gym respectively while regular Americans are being fined or even arrested for similar behavior.

Jon Miltimore is not having it. The Managing Editor of the Foundation for Economic Education is something of a modern day H. L. Mencken. Miltimore has been a stalwart voice of humor and reason during the past 9 months of dour superstition from the mainstream media and government authorities.

His latest article contradicts the rationale for new rounds of draconian business closures – citing three studies in prestigious medical journals that all agree: Lockdown stringency has no effect on actual COVID mortality. [3 Studies That Show Lockdowns Are Ineffective at Slowing COVID-19 - Foundation for Economic Education Dec. 9]

And of course there is the issue of masks, which are already mandatory for Californians, and may soon be mandated nation-wide if Biden gets his way. Some county sheriffs are refusing to arrest otherwise law-abiding citizens (following the proper Federalist formula), but where orders are being followed, government force is being revealed as the unjustified farce that it really is. Look no further than the 22-year-old mother who has wrestled to the ground for not wearing a mask in NYC, or the Canadian restaurant owner who was arrested for trespassing on his own property.

Mencken would have had a field day. Thankfully, we have people like Jon to expose these abuses of force and the farcical figures behind them.


Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."