Of Sex Work and Censorship

"Censorship is the strongest drive in human nature; sex is a weak second." - Phil Kerby

Maggie McNeill, aka “The Honest Courtesan,” returns to the show this Sunday to discuss her latest article for Reason Magazine on a creeping threat to free speech. She reports how Visa and Mastercard have revoked credit card payments for PornHub under intense political pressure from progressive puritans and social conservatives alike. While non-users of the platform may think this won’t affect them, it is likely only the beginning of a strong push – led by a new bipartisan coalition – to censor large swaths of the internet and eliminate so-called “Section 230” protections. Don’t miss our live (and uncensored) discussion, this Sunday (12/27) at 8am PACIFIC.

In addition to her background as a librarian, McNeill has worked as a sex worker for much of her adult life. Her frank and compelling blog (meticulously indexed) sheds light on the many myths and misconceptions surrounding her chosen profession. Contrary to what the Nicolas Kristoffs and Josh Hawleys of the world would have you believe, not every working girl or actor in pornography is a victim of abuse or sex trafficking. Read for yourself and find out (Safe For Work).

McNeill traces the latest crackdown to the Obama administration, which tried to “choke” certain industries like firearms and adult films by targeting their financial services. This has the unsurprising unintended consequence of pushing these activities underground. And while mega-platforms like PornHub have been quite cooperative with law enforcement when it comes to tracking down the rare exceptions of abuse or illegal activity, the same is not always true of the netizens of the dark web.

It’s a classic case of the seen versus the unseen where a puritanical instinct harms the very people it’s intended to help. McNeill joins me for the full hour this Sunday to talk about why criminalization of sex worker backfires, and why we should all be concerned about our free speech rights given the way the political winds are blowing.


Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."